"Just stay with me" is what you say 

That's all i want every second of every day 

That's all I need, you know it's true 

The feelings mutual, you want to stay too

Wrapped in your arms, my pain is lifted 

The wars going on, this life is conflicted 

But if i stay with you, my world has meaning 

When I stay with you, i feel like I'm dreaming 

Eyes locked , in each others arms, we travel to a different dimension 

Where it's just are love, that's all we need, it's our pension 

When you get close to me, I get warmed up 

My soul and my skin get warm to your touch 

Starring in your jewel blue eyes is like staring in the ocean 

I'm lost in your sea, blocking out life's commotion 

This world is a mess, I realised that when I became mature 

I want to do something special with you, I just want more 

And I. Know that will come with time 

This literally is a freestyle rhyme 

No drafts just typing what I think in bed 

Without you I am dead 

But all I know is that when I stay 

Nothing else matters you're all I think about night and day 

And when I stay with you everything is ok


Author's Notes/Comments: 

67 days into eternity 

No drafts I just wrote what i thought allowed never picked my fingers up from the keyboard straight out of my heart these words have flown

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