by Jeph Johnson 

I feel so secure

with you
when I am alone
just staring
into your eyes
resting my mind
for a moment
from my problems
hiding in your face
from a photograph
only to escape
to the reality
of you not being here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 1998 

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Across The Deep Blue Oceans

Across the deep blue oceans

I wonder at its timely motions

Rippling waters drifting wide

In its depth how I long to hide

Seas of green and skies of grey

Tides with never ending sway

Waves come rolling in and out

No one hears my lonely shout

Horizons span the oceans wide

Meeting up with blazing skies

Sun and moon they rise and fall

Taking with them again my all

Drifting on in its undulations

Causing magnificent creations

Sands of silver reaching high

As my dreams goes racing by

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The Silence of This Room

My mind is drifting up past the canopy of truth,

I hear your voice a calling.

The fire light is bright in the murmur of the room,

I see your soft eyes smiling.

If I could only have you here

to steal some time from you.

Just one answer to my prayers

in the silence of this room.

The light is growing bright in the shadows of my head,

my smoke is slowly lifting.

I see again between the flames upon the wall,

the look of love you send me.

If you could only know I care

and you were lonely too,

I'd be so happy with you here

in the silence of this room.

The fire is dying now, the light is growing dim

the ghost of you is drifting.

My evening drink spills upon my whiskered chin,

my mind is slowly quitting.

But if I could only have you here

to breathe a sigh or two,

it would'nt be so lonely

in the silence of this room.

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The mask you wear

Covers how you really are.

You never let anybody see

What is inside of you.

What are you ashamed of,honey?

What do you feel that you must hide?

For once,I wish you would take it off,

And let me see what is hidden

Behind the lies and fake smiles.

Who are you really?

Though I thought I knew you,

I guess I really don't;

But I want to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the mask we all wear.

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Sleep the sleep of endless years

Sleep the dream that each man fears

Of technicolor dreams of jade

To let the mind forget and fade

Let go the mind, let go the soul

Dream does fill, the darkest hole

Forget love lost, forget all strife

Forget all war, on gleaming knife

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tired, so tired, so weary, so mired,

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Paralyzed in Satans Grip

It’s been years since I could stop these tears

From streaming down my face

But now I’ve found where I belong

With God - that’s my place

For so many years I had been paralyzed

In Satan’s grip

But my body and soul have been baptized

Reborn again

And in God’s hands

I’m free at last

No longer tainted

By my sinful past…

Rejoicing I’ll be shouting from the mountains

Revitalized by these Holy fountains

Of youth

That’s the truth

No words can describe this powerful feeling

Until you yourself have undergone this healing

I can finally dance and raise my arms today

To the Almighty Lord who protects me from harms way!

Yes, I used to be paralyzed

In Satan's grip

But Jesus freed me from the whip

and I can walk again.

©2001 All rights reserved.

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My Canvas

There's a fire in the hearth and a kitten all curled up.

See the frosted windows glinting from the moon?

While the only light emmitted is from blazing hickory logs,

See the warmth, and feel the glow inside this room?

It's a picture of contentment as I gaze upon the work.

I can see the couple snuggled on the couch.

So I wonder as I notice pure simplicity--no wealth,

What this splendid tapestry is all about.

Could it be that deep inside us there's a universal need

To connect with someone else in love and peace?

Could it be that some may flounder though they never let it show,

Until that one true love brings sweet release?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little fantasy.....or is it?  Could it possibly be....?

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Where can I go?


Where can I go,

To follow these dreams,

To follow these thoughts,

Though I don't know their means?

Where can I go.

To the moon or to mars

Where can I go,

Far past the stars

To another moment,

With grass and trees,

And places to sit,

And recognize dreams,

To moments of wonder,

And feelings of bliss,

Where can I go,

Where I will not be missed,

Where can I go,

To be free from the changes

Free from the moments

Stuck in their ranges,

Where can I go,

Far past the oceans

The horizon of dreams,

Where feelings are kept

With secret and meaning?

No evil awaiting,

No ghost with those chills,

Just clear water purity,

For all eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted this to be a poem that gives you the chills just reading it, because you, too, are looking for this place...

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