What did you hope to find here

Did you hope to escape your fear

All your hopes, I know, are dead

Eyes are filling with the dread

No way out, no place to call home

No air to shout, forever you’ll roam

In fear of your past, afraid of your thoughts

You continue to run, you’re already caught

You run on forever, passing by all the lands

Little do you know that you’re in Death’s Hands

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm in a good mood today--can't you see? no, really, i am. honestly!!

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Tropical Exposure

2002 Poetry

The tropical sand is under my feet

I can feel its heat in my toes

The cool breeze blows through my hair

And I'm standing here without any clothes

The rays of the sun are burning my skin

A palm tree would really be good

I could sit in the shade and sip a cool drink

While wondering why I was misunderstood

People look at me like I'm a little off center

Just because I'm standing here nude

I'm a little upset for I don't understand

Why it was that everyone booed

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~A Glimpse Into The Past~

Chances now to spend a moment

Remembering here the old days

Travels back to the attic

Where I can see again some old friends.

Photographs almost fading

Olden letters tattered by many tears

Precious moments flashing by

Forever treasures in the heart.

Waiting often for this moment

With a gladness and a heavy heart

Keeping  only memories

Remembering inside the good old days.

Box wrapped with satin, pink ribbons

Where I store always my keepsakes

Take a glimpse into the past

Every time I open all my heart.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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"ME"  2 - 18 - 02

unable to overtake me

the unbreakable soul

unable to overwhelm me

the unheatable cold

unable to deny me

the unquenchable thirst

unable to end me

the unbeatable Beast

I am the End

and the Beginning

I am the Thorough

and the Vague

I will be the Cure

and the Disease

I was the Clear

now the Opaque

Methods unknown

origin is Home

Now in you

Become the We

Unity is final

and now Divinity

You wanted this


you needed this


you will be


you are now


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The trees stand tall and proud above you,

Whistling in the wind while watching the skies.

Sing to the harmony of this charming view,

While the haze takes your voice as it sighs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I guess i feel like singing...

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The Dragons Tear [The End]


She rose from the stables one dawn and saw,

A young man pointing for her to come,

She followed bare foot in her ragged clothes,

Leaving behind her owners and rising sun.

The man was armed with a shining sword,

An image of a Dragon sheading tears,

She stared at the sword 'til he turned to her,

And made her see all her fears.

He pointed to a tomb in the north mountain,

And while following the man she entered,

A small jewellery box attracted her to memories,

Her life as a slave had just ended.

She remembered her mother and the roar,

And the tear that rolled down her face,

Why was the girl damned to be slave?

It was because of her true race.

The Dragons tear ran down the girls skin,

While the young man handed her the sword,

She walked out the tomb knowing her own secret,

Freedom and the truth is what she adored.

The Dragon still strongly roams in her mind,

Until the day she'll meet deaths kiss,

The Dragon is the one I too want back,

The tear will show she's who we miss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's home!!

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I can't make up my mind

This happens all the time

Where am I to flee?

Who am I to be?

Light me a joint in this prosaic cave

I can no longer be this slave

Of my own suppression

Stop this depression

I pray you

Dismay you

Inhale these daydreams

But the way it seems

My loneliness will continue

Splitting my heart and soul into

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Walk On The Wild Side

Bored humdrum days and long oh-hum nights,

life seems a tedious ride.

Being mister nice guy, pretty much bites,

let’s walk on the wild side.

No more monotonous kiss on the cheek,

lets feel some hot lips collide.

My tongue desires to play hide-and-seek,

let’s kiss on the wild side.

Toss out the warm flannel nightgown for bed,

wear something undignified.

Stockings, lace garters, and high heels instead,

make love on the wild side.

Forget drinking tea with our nose in the air,

acting prim, all sissified.

A fifth of Jim Beam, then loosen your hair,

get high on the wild side.

Drive around town in a van, of course,

legally belted inside.

Lets cash it all in a on a little red Porsche

live fast on the wild side.

No sense hanging out, and waiting for death,

take day after day in stride.

Party on and make love, to our last dying breath,

let’s walk on the wild side.

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2002 Poetry

here comes the bride

gawking the white

all is in hype

all except the bride

in a few days from now

she’ll walk down the isle

to exchange solemn vows

the thought of it strangles her

because deep down inside

a wail is wanting to be heard

for a will long been curbed

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