Every night I sail

The sea of silent dreams

I bottle up my worries

Letting gentle currents

Take them where they will

Waves in rhythym

To my breathing

Blanketing the distance

To the grey horizon

My ship is soft but sturdy

Made of cloth and wood

Sheets of billowed sail

Pulling to and fro

Take me where they will

To Hamlet's hideaway

Until a sounding bell

Leads me back to port

A bottle in the sand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"To sleep, perchance to dream" - Hamlet

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Riding Fireflies

White knuckled grasping at firefly wings

As we ride on their backs through the sky

Chandelier stars spin dizzy as we speed

Through the sparkling gin and tonic of her eyes

Onward dashing, strobe light flashing

Still images of the ground

Upward zipping, antenna whipping

Music at the speed of sound

Stars are slipping, moonshine dripping

Velvet seams of night start ripping

Safely riding through lights colliding

Till the dawn brings us safely home

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another drink

you say no i say yes

i dont care anymore

its time for another drink

no time to think drink

drown my soul

im out of control

have a problem

i dont think so

oh wait i think its to late

my cup ran dry

and i know i aint high

time for another drink aint no time to think

chug guzzle funnel

the quickest way in

is my best way out

lost my inhibition

so stop your bitchen

an alcholoic

its metebolic

taste so good

i have to puke

whats the use ill just drink again

its my only friend

so when people tell you to stop

say what the hell you my pop

i dint ask for your advice

so stop talking in my head as if you were lice

or ill have to kill you like  some mice

caught in a trap

and this aint no rap

this is just me talkin

cause im tired of walkin

lookin for another brew

hey i thought you knew

where the parties at

well by anothoer case

and we'll have one at my place


no thinkin

faster we drink faster were fucked

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i used to escape by drinking alot

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Friday - My Day

He plays the piano and I sing along

Because it’s Friday and it’s my day?

Or I really like this song.

He is the piano – the music is in him

And it’s not me that’s singing now,

Staring at the floor.

Dreaming of Summertime

And blissful walks in sunshine,

Wondering what Porgy did to Bess…

Wishing I was Ella,

Flirting with the fellas,

Making Gershwin sound like Porter in his prime.

He plays the piano and he carries me along

But it’s not my voice that’s ringing with the song,

Or maybe it is…? And I’m just hearing wrong.

He is Tim and no one plays it quite like him.

No, Charlie never echoed near as poignantly before.

Yes, he loved it like a little dog -

Kissed it while still asleep,

But he bought and he paid later

And he will forever after

But now, while Charlie is still, Charlie,

He’s not his, Charlie anymore.

No, Charlie’s no addiction anymore.

He plays the piano and I disappear in fading light

On a pony: sidesaddle, with the Duke?

Or this, the Caravan, we’re moving with.

They are the captivates and I’m queen sitting on the stairs.

Blissful, feeling free without a care…

Schmoozing with the greats in transportation

To a place that’s left behind

In time, to drift back to the now

Where they don’t care if I pretend

Because they’re here pretending (in a haze of tippling) too

And my voice is just emitting to a room without a clue

In here, where they love every sound they’re hearing.

He plays the piano and tonight I sing along

Because it’s Friday and it’s my day; and I love every song?

Because it’s Friday – my away day – and it’s here that I belong.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one goes out to, Eamon, my 'brother' in  Ivory Tails for bringing me back to ground, reminding me what counts, converting me to the Monk and giving me back the 88 keys. A truly beautiful, talented man. What more can I say? =)

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It pours into the depression of a worried day,

Filling in the cracks, covering up the strains

it smoothes the creases of the frown,

My nostrils flare, the mouth breaks into a yawn.

Then the pillow cradles my head in a deep hollow

as something gently tugs the eyebrows down.

And the pied piper of dreams

unwraps me from the sheets,

and leads me rapturous

to play once again with childhood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On a bored day, when the dull urgency of office presses no more and one hopes to dream and escape.

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Flat Liner


"Flat Liner"   4 - 6 - 02

raining the pain

showering the hate

dousing the love

covering the light above

ripping and tearing

twisting and gripping

trying for the light

before the come of night

darkness enveloping

hopelessness encrouching

death begins its lurk

as life ends its jerk

hopeless, lost

such a high cost

to try and to fail

against the rain and hail

now lifeless and still

without vigor or a light

rigor mortis instills

as the line sets with the night....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

beep, beep.......... beep, beep.......... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......  (we lost him...)

This poem made it to the Semi-Finals in the Fall 2002 Poetry Contest and, if I'm not mistaken, is featured in the Publication "Letters From The Soul"

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Subj: the wall  

Date: 3/9/02 9:52:34 PM Pacific Standard Time


To: Jen xdx

        THE WALL            im no longer in touch with my inner self.for some reason the connection began to melt.what is it that causes this thing to take place? allowing pent up frustrations to go to waste.

this pen is the key to the other side, out of the dark were ill always im back here among the currents of  life.not able to let out my daily strife.


blue is my world with beautiful sights, the air i breath looks like the northern lights.peacefulness,cold,rage,and fire, all at my fingertips to do as i desire. complexity at its finest as any will tell you. this world of mines intensity the highest i assure you. so come inside and stay a wile, we can talk  about the darkness that makes us go the extra mile.


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"Paradise Aloft"

by Jeph Johnson


feeling as though
a thirty-minute show
might rub out months of defeat
into my world came
a party girl named
Natasha so slim and petite
it was nothing like love
but her hovering above me
made my depression obsolete
in a red-light whack shack
most would say lacks tact
yet it's distinctly unique and notorious
she proceeded with caution
then with passion Natasha
danced for me majestically glorious
first awkward and soft
then upwards and aloft
she positioned her heavenly charms
and gently my hand
caressed like a man
with paradise snug in his arms

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Catching Cloud 9

when I need to get away

I drift off in my mind

and slowly float across the sky

on my own cloud nine

my thoughts keep me in a daze

as I live inside my dreams

I find that nothing in my mind

is really as it seems

its fun to get away for awhile

and have a short holiday

but reality is on the horizon

and my cloud can't stay

but I'm not too worried

because cloud 9 never parts

you can catch it as it goes by

its there for creative hearts

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