Paralyzed in Satans Grip

It’s been years since I could stop these tears

From streaming down my face

But now I’ve found where I belong

With God - that’s my place

For so many years I had been paralyzed

In Satan’s grip

But my body and soul have been baptized

Reborn again

And in God’s hands

I’m free at last

No longer tainted

By my sinful past…

Rejoicing I’ll be shouting from the mountains

Revitalized by these Holy fountains

Of youth

That’s the truth

No words can describe this powerful feeling

Until you yourself have undergone this healing

I can finally dance and raise my arms today

To the Almighty Lord who protects me from harms way!

Yes, I used to be paralyzed

In Satan's grip

But Jesus freed me from the whip

and I can walk again.

©2001 All rights reserved.

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