The house may collapse any day

the walls are cracked

the chinks gape at the base

but none care

they maintain dignity

with cosmetic protection

demand patience and practise

duplicity till their own end

in meanness evoke mystery

to quell good sense and concerns

for the future buy silence

of the dons in four walls

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Only Fifteen

As I realize that I've lost it

I stumble into my closet.

And at my feet there lies a rope,

Suddenly i find hope.

But there's only one thing-

I'll never get to wear a wedding ring.

And what about my best friend?

Will her heart ever mend?

So many thoughts run through my head,

As I think of how things will be different when I'm dead.

And I think to myself,

This is the only way

So I continue without further delay.

I tie the rope to the ceiling,

And make sure that I won't have time for healing.

I pull up a seat

So that my feet will meet.

Now the loop's around my throat

And what you're reading now is the last thing I ever wrote.

And knowing that I can not stay,

I quickly step away.

I struggle and gag

But later that day my toe has a tag.

Now doctors walk away with a tear in their eye,

Knowing that I was only 15 and had already said good-bye.

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Twilight Soliloquy

Bright light, comes from the fireflies.

Twilight, blankets the night skies.

Smooth tide, caresses the shore as it rise.

Moonlight, illuminates the overhead sky.

Midnight, a time to sleep and hide.

Dawn rise, the sun slowly comes alive.

Sunlight, so bright that I cover my eyes.

Insight, of mountains covered of ice.

Inside, one finds own solace to rely.

Realize, that twilight is a wonderful sight.

Time, that I can spent watching the sky.

Mine, to possess for even a partial size.

Content, I would be for twilight is nice.

Contempt, I would be when not satisfied.

Twilight, keeps me happy full of pride.

Bright light, lifts me when I feel deprived.

Neglected, when I used to be chastised.

Protected, now with twilight by my side.

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Get Away

Rhyming Poetry

There's a place deep in me,

I need to go at times.

Just to get away,

and let myself unwind.

Shut off all the stress,

and problems of the day.

Take a little breather,

till it all fades away.

Hide out from the world,

and all its pain and strife.

Try to figure out,

where I'm going in my life.

Do a little resting,

just kick back awhile.

Lay down all my worries,

just laugh a bit and smile.

So take a little time,

to get away and see.

Just how much you miss,

the person you can be.

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its widely sexual

but far from entirely thus so

that frank indescribable grace

in which we flow to blend

like an old fascination

reaching across time

to even further

itself spend

which we

but for one small detail

are so splendidly aligned

almost mutually in fact

seem to have such deep unspoken needs

to untangle this startlingly new entwinement

you have become for me

a slice of sunlight

streaming across my dusk drenched prairie

enchanted to just chase

the stillness out of the way

compelled to companion

the joy in me you long to hold

discovering good silverware

among a drawer of everyday utensils

you with your aura of heat and intensity

flair for me

with my web of words and excitement

we make a wildly concocted drink

like too busily drank rum

such fire through my veins

I must confess

leaves me

a bit dizzy upon your rug

and I

for you

am but

a kitchen of sorts

for your loveless house

a warm place to come and be filled

such a nice analogy to digest

two threads woven

for a seem less thrill  .........


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Rhyming Poetry

I wish that I had wings,

just a little pair.

So I could fly away,

just go anywhere.

Soaring through the clouds,

floating in the skies.

Looking down upon the earth,

as I descend and rise.

I'd go up to the mountains,

glide around their peaks.

Fly between the trees,

to find just what I seek.

My feet would never touch the ground,

if I became airborne.

The feeling would be just too great,

the winds so soft and warm.

I wish that I had wings,

just a little pair.

So I could fly away,

just go anywhere......

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craggy cliffs

a man in a cable knit sweater

eyes like the mist

call me lady content

crushed wild flowers in my hand

limp next to my notebook

worried pencil between my pretty teeth

tongue itching to trace this man's lips

only this man

my heart just stepped from out of the ocean

shook itself off

feeling its way across the cliff

only to plunge deeply into this man's

awaiting net

as silent as the coming night

a sigh catches my shaken breath

what a dream!


the man?

or the night?


I groan!!!!..........

(Feb.21, 2000 830am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fanciful endeavor of mine, nothing more. In my mind I could see this scene and I wrote about it. Can't recall though what made this scene come to mind. Longing  I suppose for something more in a relationship. I guess I was tired of just being a work horse. That was exactly how I felt in my first marriage and a lot of the longing and pain came out in the poems written during that time.

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throbbing man

to my

core woman

deep "seeded" attraction

one delicious possible drowning

tugging luridly at the far too tempted enticement

sweet sensational pounding pulsation

creative threading fingers

eager to explore

seduce the hungry mind

with visions of their journey


swiftly lapping

and licking at

this deep gut wrenching tension

your thick slurred words

swallowed me up

as you

achingly describe

the feel of you

buried and locked deep within me

with little prodding

the torturous tone of such emphatic

masculine voice

impregnated my carnivorous thoughts

upon an impassioned scream

such offspring mentioned

such as my pent up want

is born

two powerful vulcanic orgasms

come to lusty life

hundreds of miles apart

drenching two wanting bodies

with a sweltering surreal salacious release


I think I came in every color of the rainbow

and maybe made up a few more as I went

and that was simply done by the hands of your


surely now you must see why

I had to write this for you

as its a form of cuddling closure

to such 'A Sensuous Sealing'.......

(March 28, 2000 10pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm kind of pathetic here, I fantasized about of all things phone sex and wrote about it! I was too much of a chicken to actually do it, let the person call me and talk sex but I thought about how it would have been and wrote about it! I've done such things so many times, been too chicken to do them but in my mind would nact them out and then write about the incident like it really had happened. I'm not a pervert really, its just that back then I was going through a terrible marriage and was very lonely so when I went on line some nights I probably seemed more like a lonely woman in a pick up bar looking for a score, (sad but true) am truly glad though that part of my life is over and I don't do that stuff anymore, in other words, I'm damn near that of a prude now (laughs)

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The Ring


It burned my finger for months,

Gold and silver branded to my flesh,

The mark of an inherent sinner.

Wrapped in betrayal and sadness,

It was presented to me.

And with a fake kiss and a promise,

I allowed the mark to be made.

I allowed it to control me,

To own and punish me when everything wasn't right.

Now that it's gone, the gold and silver stripped away,

The teardrops of diamonds missing,

I can finally be free of your possession.

I can be with who I love,

And not worry or care about the consequences.

Without my hateful ring,

I can truly be free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My reaction to my new-found freedom, without a ring choking me to death.

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