My Canvas

There's a fire in the hearth and a kitten all curled up.

See the frosted windows glinting from the moon?

While the only light emmitted is from blazing hickory logs,

See the warmth, and feel the glow inside this room?

It's a picture of contentment as I gaze upon the work.

I can see the couple snuggled on the couch.

So I wonder as I notice pure simplicity--no wealth,

What this splendid tapestry is all about.

Could it be that deep inside us there's a universal need

To connect with someone else in love and peace?

Could it be that some may flounder though they never let it show,

Until that one true love brings sweet release?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little fantasy.....or is it?  Could it possibly be....?

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Melissa Rives's picture

A beautiful picture you painted with your words. I'll always believe in true love....but I think it is very rare. You write with such wisdom in your words.