Across The Deep Blue Oceans

Across the deep blue oceans

I wonder at its timely motions

Rippling waters drifting wide

In its depth how I long to hide

Seas of green and skies of grey

Tides with never ending sway

Waves come rolling in and out

No one hears my lonely shout

Horizons span the oceans wide

Meeting up with blazing skies

Sun and moon they rise and fall

Taking with them again my all

Drifting on in its undulations

Causing magnificent creations

Sands of silver reaching high

As my dreams goes racing by

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poetvg's picture

this poem
is my favorite

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Susie

What a lovely poem – in the ink I see brilliance – a genius at work on a level that inspires!



Alycia's picture

This poem was so beautifully written, and was so vividly portrayed. I could imagine the oceans and sky in my head, and I fully understand it. I can relate to what you have said. Great job.

charisma's picture

many times we can see our own reflections in the depth of ocean. very good expressed! Charisma

Soul's Enigma's picture

This is a wonderfully beautiful poem but expresses great pain too. I enjoyed the analogy to the ocean of the waves of depression being alone can bring, seemingly without end. I hope this is not a reality based poem, for a woman with this much depth and feeling that can express it in a beautiful and tender way is a treasure for any man. Thank you for sharing these touching words.