2002 Poetry

Let's pretend we aren?t acquainted

If you see me down the alley

Do not look and smile at me

Eyes are spread like a heap of grass

Keen to have something to prattle to the neighbor

Beware they might just spread something horror

Let's pretend the sky is not that high

Where we can pick the stars anytime

And make ornaments that glide

It will make a good present to have

For your love ones to behave

Let's pretend we aren't friends

As I prefer us to be more that friends

You'd be my beau that I will love to tend

I would always stay around to show I care

Be always there when you need a helping hand

Let's pretend that the third line is true

Will you reciprocate my love with equal gusto?

Will you be faithful and loving and so true?

My love for you knows no bounds

And I will not pretend whenever you're not around

This I keep as a secret, I really wish you were my beau

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Headlong Into Fancy

I plunge headlong into fancy and

a stroll through wonderland.

I never look behind me

‘cause I'll miss that state of mind.

My destination's just a word

that's undefined and quite absurd.

It's measured not by inch or mile,

but just by dreaming for awhile.

Obscurity's my only goal...

a sandy beach, a rocky shoal,

or prince's cape, or pauper's cloak,

or underneath some shady oak.

There are no shadows where I go

but only stars that brightly glow

among the thoughts I thought had fled

but needed only light instead.

I capture moonbeams by the tail

and ride upon their milky trail

while comets, rushing out of sight,

reflect their effervescent light.

It never lasts for very long,

in dreamer's land where I belong,

but just one fancy headlong plunge

will soak up fancy like a sponge.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a few idle moments is enough... a rest, a moment of peace and light and feeling His Presence... a living Dream.

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Hiding In Dreams

Oh sleep, stop the boredom of day,

the tedious sighs of dismay,

the drudgery of life,

work, toil and strife,

let the weary frayed mind drift away.

Oh dreams, make consciousness fade,

the sameness, the dreary charade,

I’ll welcome the night,

doze off in delight,

as realities’ thoughts masquerade.

Oh night, bring relief to my soul,

from that same boring rigmarole,

It’s hard to contend,

with days that wont end,

in repose the mind can unroll.

Oh slumber, help fantasy  reign,

let dreams halt the days I disdain,

I’ll wake up in sorrow,

begrudging tomorrow,

then reluctantly face it again.

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2002 Poetry

my pace is heading me to your proximity

shading me is your hanging canopy

a door was opened for me

i am now about to march into your

little abode of intricacy

your eyes shifted on the frame

can’t seem to determine

a smile from where you stood

you reached for it and saw a

very charming glance

a feature too proverbial

you cannot be mistaken

he is that mannish

contour you always envision

in your trances

blitz of queries filling your mind

is he your noble guest?

you wish to be his conquest

you want to be a slave to your dearest

hissing songs of love at par

a love devoid of impediments

nothing hassles you from this sight

in the Garden of Eden

he dances like a knight

tears fell down on your cheek

tears of joy and contentment  

you let him loom from your chimera

allowed him to lead you wherever

but the cold whip of reality sets off your angst

what you really have is nothing but his frame

and everything else is dwindling

for you will rob at every opportunity

to set your mind inside his arms

to picture you together

until the night is over

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وجه القمر

My Love

توقف هطول المطر

وتلاشى الغيم وانحسر

فبدت لي صورتك يا حبيبتي

مرسومة على وجه القمر

تعلقت روحي فيك

ومن الشوق قلبي انفطر

وعلى خدي الدمع انهمر

كيف لي أن أكون بجوارك

يا أيه القمر

سأحلق بالسماء

دون أن أخشى الخطر

كي أكن جنبك

وأنعم بحبك

أنت يا أحلى البشر

يا حبيبتي

أنت يا وجه القمر


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To Give Me Back My Smile

More then willing to walk that extra mile

Just to feel you love me

To have you hold me

For you to give me back my smile

Your hands so rough, yet so gentl

Your lips so soft, yet so sweet

The sound of your voice

Is all I need

To give me back my smile

Looking into your eyes

Seeing how you love me

Feeling your arms wrapped around me tight

Hearing you whisper my name

Knowing you are near when ever i feel fear

Is all I need to give me back my smile

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Inside Me


My words are hidden inside me,

Like a secret, underground,

My dreams are trapped within,

Waiting to be found,

My heart and my true feelings,

Are left behind a wall,

Cowering in fear of discovery,

And inevitably, the fall,

My hopes, they lay deserted,

Crawling in the dark,

And as I look at you, I'm frozen,

Not knowing where to start,

My courage is barely existent,

Why exactly isn't clear,

And my love, it seems to die,

As I sit and listen here,

My thoughts are filled with wonder,

And my voice is way too quiet,

Desires are quickly silenced,

I know inside, but I haven't tried it,

The truth, it is unwanted,

My needs are not important,

And I am quite susceptible,

Of this, there is no warrant,

My faith has been dragged through the dust,

There is nowhere to go but straight,

Thinking this should have passed long ago,

And now, it may be too late.

~Actually inspired by something or other said at the 2002 Oscars~

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The Destiny of Mythers

Slowly drifting with lead pace

lacing each step with arsenic tracks

deadly followers to trick a frozen heart

To glance at bland strokes of a fate

could be dance with the icy fires

blasted fears to remove the knife

Climbing to the cliff's forehead

in order to view the sun's kisses on Gaea's belly

yearning with its blaze to caress the rock

Destiny is an illusion of thoughts

to desire the reality to be destroyed

blank is the scroll for which it writes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: April 17, 2002

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That which can hardly be defined

by music, through word, or in rhyme

can yet be perfectly formed & defined

& delivered to any heart, like mine,

by a smile, so honest, & so sincere;

a smile that comes from deep within.

A smile that knows nor daunt nor fear,

but shines like stars & can't be dimmed.

The first thing expected from a baby's face;

the only thing needed to seal Love with a friend;

the one thing offered when extending Grace;

the ONLY thing required when lesser things end.

I'll know you when we finally do meet:

your smile will make my heart fall at your feet!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another mon coeur Sonnet.

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