I stand in front of you, with a feeling of impending doom

Just us two, the only people in the room

I try to run for the door

But I'm super-glued to the floor

You give me The Look

And around me things begin to cook

The sofa bursts into flames

Fear urges me to call out your name

To plead my case so you would stop

But my mouth is so dry that there's no hope

Of me even croaking out a sound

The heat from your eyes makes the room go round

I reach out for the wall's helping hand

But it's like hot sand

So I quickly withdraw

The coffee table is no more

Afterall, wood cannot withstand dry acid rain

I'm sweating now, feeling drained

Yet you still aim The Look my way

Unwavering, as if to say "I'm here to stay"

The TV slowly melts

I try to look away but your belt

Is a leash holding me hostage

Inside an electrified cage

The VCR follows suit

You're still mute

Well, except for the noise created by your eyes

Then somehow you hear my cries

You hear my parched pleas

And you let The Look decrease

In intensity


You let me fall into the welcoming arms of

The door. You know I've had enough

Later that night

I don't feel right

Granted, I did survive

I was alive

But oh how I ache all over

Because of The Look, because of the Lover

Because of his heat-generation

Because of his radiation.

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