My love for you is ...endless

I am always drifting in dreams

Clouds as vapor behind sad eyes

Filling my head with only dreams of you!

My love for you is timeless

Always drifting in clouds of daydreams,

With the brightest rainbows in my heart

I'm much closer to you,now in a rose dream!

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


I am free verse,
and know the rules,
and use them -
when they suit me,
which admittedly
tends not to be the case.
tradition, laws;
very much not
my sort
of thing,
I fear.
Perhaps, on occasion,
I go too far in the opposite direction,
and shun the accepted merely because it's accepted,
accepting its opposite merely because it isn't;
but since it's clearly
better that than
being normal;
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