2002 Poetry

I wonder what’s there to see that can engross me

The altitude that may likely make me giddy

Or the multitude greeneries wedging beautifully

Will my echo get to the sky or will it just pass me by

Once I bellow my wishes and goodbyes

I have longed to be on top of the alp

That summit that seems heaven from where I stand

Maybe tempestuous winds will ram my stance

But can it make me want to come back to the ground

I have longed to see what it looks like

To look down to that spot where I used to look up

My neck turned immobile due to prolong looking up

Maybe looking down wouldn’t hurt just as much

I have longed to see what my eyes can capture to see

Infinity, ecstasy, lunacy, tranquility, they’re there for free

Or maybe just a solemn me looking down on things natural to me

Well let me see; surely there're a lot more in that vicinity

I wonder what the flat looks like from there

Human race turned ants spread everywhere

All in speck and identical, no bigger no better

That even a binocular can’t drive them any closer

I have longed to climbed that beguiling pinnacle

Heaven seems nearby you could almost touch the sky

My spirit will ascend to where heavenly bodies clot  

And there I would stay for as long as I want

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Love's Ballet

She tiptoes softly ‘cross a dream,

in search of passion’s way,

turns pirouettes within the soul,

a graceful love’s ballet.

O’ ballerina, dance for me,

in crinoline and lace,

pink satin slippers ‘pon your feet,

white ribbon’s soft embrace.

Lithe, supple motion, smooth as silk,

a breath of freshened air,

to dance with poise, angelic grace,

pale beauty ’yond compare.

A perfect jump ’tween heart and soul,

one flawless grande jete,

assured a place within my dream,

to dance in love’s ballet.

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You And Me ....

Exotic Love Poems

                   you and me

                 were meant to be

                i was meant for you

                and you were meant

                for me. you and me

                put together spells

               love you and me shall

               never part because with

               out you there is no me

                you and me were

                 meant to be .

           *  Written by Christina Sumaya *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem reminds
me of my babe :*) .

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* Enchantar *

                    i am so very bless

                     ed to have you

                     into  my life  .

                *  this piece is mine *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about a
woman that is happy
to be in love :*) .

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Hopelessly Daydreaming

Fun Stuff

Sitting here eating dip and chips,

Knowing all too well they'll go right to my hips.

But that's okay, I have nothing better to do,

Than stuff my face and daydream of you.

You're not here to talk to or touch,

I wish you were, to me you mean so much.

But you're not here, there's nothing better to do,

Than be depressed, daydreaming of you.

Hopelessly in love with someone who doesn't care,

It all seems to be too much to bear.

In love with you all my life,

I'll never get the chance to be your wife.

Over you I wish that I could be,

But I love you, sadly enough for me.

Maybe one day I'll get over you inside,

And these tears that I cry will finally be dried.

Hopelessly in love with somebody who doesn't care,

Really is too much for me to bear.

Lonely forever, I hope I won't be,

Because I'm sure somewhere, there's someone for me.

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The Woman of My Dreams

I've found the woman of my dreams

Every night when I go to bed

I'm with the woman of my dreams

a body soft

as silk

Hair of finely spun gold

Eyes as lovely as a lagoon

A voice of an angel

How I hate going to work

Tho I sometimes see her there

longing for the day to end

So I can be with her again

©Jeremy Conn


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Lovers Dream

love poems

May your dreams be sweet

and take you in flight

to heaven's delight

Let the stars sparkle in your eyes

as you pass through the Milky Way

Hear my lips as they whisper

in song's of heart's desire

as we snuggle by the fire

If you should awake

from this sweet embrace

hope it's from my kiss

© Jeremy Conn


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You visited my dream last night

Again star of the play

In longing for the night

I was rushing through the day

You made the greatest actor

Your lines were right on cue

I want it a reality

So here’s what I’m going to do

I’m going to tell a secret

One that I’ve held dear

Although the thought of losing you

Has filled my heart with fear

I’m going to say I’m sorry

If you don’t feel the same

I know that you are perfect

Flooded with praise and fame

I understand I’m no one

At the bottom of the scale

The only thing I’m showered with

Are both stones and hail

No one’s ever loved me

You would be a first

It’s okay if you reject

My life could get no worse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

deticated to: Christopher

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By: Tori

Deticated to: Susannah Orr


  Dainty little feet

Lined up in a row

Pretty ballerinas

Standing on their toe

I'm just a tiny dancer

In the jewelry box

Made of Crystalline

And covered up in locks

My hair is wrapped up tightly

And placed up in a bun

My site is full of air

I walk and never run

Elegance is in my name

And grace is on my tongue

The crowd cheers on with all my words

And with the song I've sung

My whole world lies within ballet

I'm in the lights

Star of the play

And now I'm perfect


I'm everything

You want of me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is deticated to one of my best friends, Susannah, whom at one time aspired to be a dancer.

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