A bittersweet feel,

Loneliness at best.


You feed me attention,

When it suits you most.


Once adressed,

Messages are left ignored,

And yet you boast.


With a want for attention,

You come to me in tears.


I appease,

For only you to confirm my fears.


A cycle it seems,

You want and I please.

A ridicoulous thought,

As if I,

Could perhaps ask for you to appreciate,
To not face me with willful lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No one's to keen on my poems anyways


Not Again


I did it again I hurt someone else.
Not meaning to, I never do intend,
To cause them harm. But I always do.
Even with this one, I tried to say I
Couldn’t love him just because I knew
I was dating Brian. But he fell for me
And he ended up getting hurt.
Not deeply but still, I know that the
Hurt is still there. I told him at the
Beginning that I just couldn’t love him,
And I told him about the other guy
That I was dating. And even still,
He fell for me. It’s the knowing that he was
In love with me that’s the real problem.
Now I feel do deeply badly for him.
Because I knew and I let it go on,
Let him fall for me. That’s the real pain.
I suppose I should have told him,
What I was Aphrodite. But then again,
I did. I just didn’t do it forcefully enough.
Perhaps if I had told him about the dangers
Falling in love with me presented…
But then again, I couldn’t have known,
But then again, maybe it’s my fault.
Because I let him tell me he loved me.
And I responded back with the same.
Maybe that was the real problem.
Even though we both said I ‘love’ you,
Just like that. With apostrophes and all,
The real meaning was right there all along.
I think that now that I am writing this
As a poem, I realize what a mistake that was.
I let the feeling happen. And for that
I am sorry, Gene; I didn’t mean to
Break your heart; for that I am so sorry.

Written on
April 15, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was about Gene, about what our friendship became. Its still friendship but...

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I like you

But how do I tell you


We have both been hurt

But in different ways


You are still in love with her

Been like this for years


I just got out of my first love

A love that lasted six months


How do I tell you this

That I really care for you


That I am willing to help

You get over her for good


But do you like me

I wish I could tell


I don’t want to hurt us

We have a great friendship


Usually I know so well

When a guy doesn’t want me


But now I cant seem to tell

Is this good or bad


I think I’ll keep quiet

Hold all my feelings inside


Wait a little longer

To see what he does


There is only one problem

He is scared to ask too


So if neither will say

Then nobody will go anywhere


Friends we will be

For a while at least

Until time plays out

Our true feelings for the other



Written on

July 12, 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem about my feelings.

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