The honor of forgiveness and pathways that lead to home


Somewhere beyond the Pegasus galaxy, remnants of our celestial fathers and mothers must exist;
the leftovers of decay and the society that still lives on in our genetic code;
the knowledge of our ancestors that sleeps within our consciousness must lie still in the vast void of the universe;
the broken promise of return, waiting to be forgiven by the the generations that find them, must lie in wait among the stars.



Of our true past, we know very little;
of those who came before;
those who planted the seed of life, we only have faint
images of, we only see in pieces left by the ancients who once walked and talked with the father race.
Once, they promised to return yet again, to the generations of the first and second seed, though they've since faded into the void of time and space. The offspring of the offspring have been left in darkness.

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Biology of the unknown

The Gods Of Man

Their bodies were as the clearest crystal;
glimmering in the broad daylight, nearly blinding those who gazed upon them in wonder and disbelief. Though they carried the likeness of glass, their movements were as soft skin; bending and twisting, stretching as they walked.
within them no organs or flow of blood existed, only the purest of light, which glowed as though it were the brightest of suns;
within the glow, the flowing of electrons; twisting, swirling, and dancing around one another in a silent symphony of wonderful harmony and trails of blue and purple light.

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War and conquest of the spirit

The Gods Of Man

While many had proclaimed their coming to be a work of the devil, and others tried to cloud the truth, there were those who had seen the coming as fate, and had begun to worship this new race. Cults began to appear and grow in every corner of the world, and spread this radical new message to those any and all who would believe and follow. Every old world religion had now found themselves a dangerous new enemy; not of science or of politics, but of the mystery that had now been solved, the knowledge that had grown from the darkness of ignorance that man now faced for the first time in his history. What our religion failed to acknowledge, and our beliefs refused accept, the sky revealed; the void of space finally spoke the truth. A new war was on the horizon.

In the beginning


They went away and never returned;
now no evidence of them exist, except the seed they left behind;
an offspring that doesn't believe in them,
that has over a million years, forgotten its own beginning.

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The Gods Of Man

They didn't come here on purpose, they didn't come for our salvation or our destruction.
There was no divine plan; no grand intervention.
When they came, they were just as lost in the void as we were;
floating around in the vacuum like a speck out in an ocean of of nothingness;
searching, hoping, and praying to their gods something would be just over the horizon.
Two alien worlds met that year; we were changed forever.

My Little Green Alien


I was down in the forest,
just a while ago.
I walked out into the
field hidden by the trees.

My own secret little hide away,
my place to be me,
and not worry about what is
going on everywhere else.

I settle down on the stump,
in the middle of the field.
I just have to wait for
several seconds.

Then out of the woods
comes this trilling.
To anyone else,
it just sounds like a bird.

But not to me,
because I know better!
It sounds like a pigeon,
but it's not, not even close.

Now it's my turn,
and I return the call,
first sounding a pigeon call,
and then a crow call.

The greeting is complete!
Out of the darkness,
around the trees,
comes a little green thing.

Is it an animal?
Is it a giant bug?

No! Out of the darkness,
bounding towards me,
is my little green alien!

I catch him in my arms,
and hug him to me.

Then we go play in the woods,
where no one else will be,
no one who would take
my little green alien friend away.

When you hear what sounds
like a pigeon cooing,
just think about it,
'cause you never know.

What you might really be hearing,
is the call of my friend,
my little green alien!

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Offspring of Atom


The generations of man are many
and have become exceedingly evil
and in his heart is only darkness and death
behold the gods of man will come again
and cleans the earth
for their creations have rebelled against them
and become ill with poison of evil...

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