Overextended resilience reaching for my goals

Trying to cover everything including some burning coals

The scars from them shone through my deepest coil

This burning devastation still makes my blood boil

Rip out their heart is on your mind

Implosive rage has you blind

Every time you look at me

Their little faces you do see

You put their faces on your chest

So my mind could hide and rest

Give me strength remind me to praise

Blessed with a butterfly here to raise

I just wish these clocks could turn

Today’s the day I want to learn

That heart so black that burns so bright

Seared these babes into the night

That heart that felt no pain in stealing

Or tossing us in darkness delaying this healing

Constriction is confused for recluse

Fussing and complaining for restoring good news

These souls that are bonded like ying and yang

Too rattled to wake up and drink our Tang

Wandering and stumbling upon the blessings

That will end all this fumbling and guessing

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