To live or die

i just don't know

where i should go

should i want to live

or should i just feel low

always in peace we rest

but that pain in my chest

just wont leave

and i need

something new to feel

a new life thats real

none of this bullshit

none of me the hypocrite

none of me the one who thinks

i should be seeing the shrinks

but i'll miss it if i blink

and think you're in love

every time you wink

i fall for that shit

every word you say

and i never quit

its the same each day

i try to call

each time i stall

and try not to fall

but there the floor goes

and you got me on my knees

here comes another low

when i want to cut and watch the wounds bleed

its just those words you say

they make me weak

you remind me each day

that i'm just a freak

i know i'm not perfect

i'm just a geek

i thought i was so great

i'd never cheat

but what does that mean

its just not okay

to want the same dream

and to hope luck will stay

dreams hurt

and it gets worse

i can't help but dream

and make my veins burst

who cares if i cry

all tears will run dry

no need to ask myself why

i know i had to try

but i never like what i find

all alone again

lying in my room just wanting to die

but what is death

is it really an end

are you all fucking deaf

will a knife make me mend

its okay you can all pretend

theres no need to worry

but why am i in such a hurry

i guess i'll just stay all blurry

its okay no ones clear

no one knows where to steer

or who to hold dear

just let it be

and let me go

to live or die

i just don't know.

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