For Eyes Of Blue

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To describe, is impossible. Her everlasting beauty would make a minute seem to last an eternity.She seems an angel lost from her sanctity and the guiding light knows no bounds. If you were look into her eyes you would get lost forever, yet, never want to escape. She moves so swiftly as if to elude the human heart almost to make it skip a beat. You wish to describe a feeling but theres never a word to think because youve been entrapped by her love. The unknowing mind wishes to understand the way it thinks and therefor loves....but you dont want this moment to end. You look up to the stars looking for an answer but all you see is the compassionate face of that you wish to  stroke. You can try all you want to fight the feelings but the feelings just keep coming back for there she is....she is love and you have fallen for love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just need inspiration :P

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