"Nightfall Burns Quiet"

The waves of magnolias bear no comparison to the complexity of your eyes, 
Your hair of velvet flowing in the wind like a thousand silent seas. 
As nightfall burns like quiet embers, the stars stare at us through evergreens. 
Compassion so fortifying, so vital, it writes perfection in the skies. 

The way the evergreens encase us in a gridlock of astounding silence, 
Forces you to pull me tighter, ever so near. 
I assure you, my love, there’s no need to worry, nothing to fear. 
You’re here with me, under a billion sleeping diamonds. 

Your skin reflects the moonbeams as the stars paint this charcoal night. 
Your perplexing beauty in the radiation makes me fall in love more and more. 
I’m silent, your innocence igniting my core.
I want to soar above empires, you and I in a weightless flight. 
If the skies fall, crashing down like a heavy snow, 
I would press my head to your chest, listening to your heart’s slow, calculated beat. 
Death can approach with an army, an infinite force, an incalculable fleet, 
But I'm here with you, under a flourescent, midnight glow. 

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The Wall

There's a wall that separates
the girl you know and the girl i am.
This wall is hard to break down
Not many have successfully done so
But those who do always leave
That's why you see a different version of me.

This wall is like a mask.
It covers my face like a second skin.
The ones who can pull the skin away
Are the ones who always leave me someday.

The girl you know is quiet and shy.
She's friendly but keeps to her group.
With her group she smiles and laughs
But very few no her past.

The girl i am is not the same
I'm loud, outgoing, hyper and fun.
I am this to keep the darkness away
But sadly no one knows me at the end of the day.

I wish i could open myself up
To not only you but to everyone.
So they could see their's more to me
That what there appears to be.

Maybe one day i'll open up
Then you can see what only one other does
But until that day comes
I shall cry many tears
'Cause that day may not come for many years.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to one of my most trusted friends during freshman year. I'm finally starting to open up to him. :)

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Quiet Thoughts on a Lonely Night

You fell asleep lying next to poetry.
I brushed the hair behind your ear
to whisper.
My presence startled you, but dreaming began.

I could feel your torpid episodes as if
they were my own.

I dared to enter your slumber and discovered beauty.
Prior, I laid myself down in curiosity
to find where the beautiful minds had withdrawn,
but understood only unremitting monotony.

Now, I delve into the deepest depths of beauty,
stumbling upon only creativity, originality.

Your mind is divine, but now I lie outside,
waiting for love of mine.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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