Drive Away The Night

365 challenge



If from my stumble I arose,

and forced my gypsy feet,

to fully quit their rabid mumbling,

and walk the straighter street;

Could i find that lonely want,

with the wind along my back,

A solid happy bedding,

'neath my tumbled loathesome shack?


And what could from under cover hold,

my heartness in its plight,

To soar away this restlessness,

And drive away the night?

For the full sun in all her glory,

forgets ever to pencil in,

the path I need to follow,

and escape these sheets of tin.

(Original Ending to which the comments are made)

Away to coloured heights I'd fly,

As the healing purity falls,

And I'll road my footing wisely,

For I'm castling new King-ly walls.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Word for today Gyspy!

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allets's picture

"...the lonely want..."

It is isn't it? Gypsy - and king-ly, to castle is a verb. Neato write for the challenge picked up - 365. You go! - Stella Louise



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Thanks Stella! xP

Thanks Stella! xP

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My favorite word. We've been traveling within variations of this moniker. Think it's in the blood too. As we look back to childhood we even had a Gypsy room back then. Enjoyed the read. Gypsy. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks, glad to hear you

Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed it. xP