My voice will shatter ,

a brittle heart will keep beating,

these ears will pearce,

vains will evoke.


My rivered eyes ,

and epileptic pulse,

driven through a storm,

you hurt me deliberately.


A twisted understanding,

with punctured lungs,

still breathing slowly,

you were a love that made me change.

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In Time

A mellow pulse through my veins,

Paralysed once again,

A shallow drift beneath my lungs.


I feel the lights as they keep me warm.


Every eye that meets with mine,

Those colours , they seem so bright,

Tragically fading


I hope this life hasnt been wasting

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I don't blame you

Subtle arms
Cold hands
Lead by a broken soul
Your woumb and her cold spec
Swarmed into my pulse
Feel the therapy evoke
With ocean filled eyes
I still break at the sight
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Dark Side

My Everything


I see your eyes

Move beneath the moon

Rivers of blue

A pleasurable drowning

The darkness flirts 

My darkened prince 

The night worn 

A crown upon your head

Shut me in obscurity 

For the light burns

Without your blackened halo



And I am taken,

Forever, to the dark side