Dark Side

My Everything


I see your eyes

Move beneath the moon

Rivers of blue

A pleasurable drowning

The darkness flirts 

My darkened prince 

The night worn 

A crown upon your head

Shut me in obscurity 

For the light burns

Without your blackened halo



And I am taken,

Forever, to the dark side


Over the rolling hills and bottomless valleys
I rode with a dreamy blue eye Sally
Her sandy blonde hair billowed in the breeze
She clutched me tightly with delicate knees

Shades of crimson and wisps of violet
Engulfed all in blissful scarlet
As our lonely Sun dwindled
Unfathomable beauty was rekindled

Upon the hilltop the drifters observe
this ghostly haze slither beneath the curve
As the golden rays caressed her face
she was basked in unprecedented grace

For once nothing was out of place
Departing in remnants of purplish trace
The long days and pleasant nights
of chasing sunsets out of sight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some distant summer in Thailand. 

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