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Unknowing Escapists 




Death, ..not proud—So sleep!

...dreaming of thy softer skin


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 06.10.2020:  I have noticed an incorrectly input hashtag term "correlative objective" which was actually "objective correlative" (this was what I have really meant & the two words comprising the term/phrase possibly got switched over for some unknown reason while reediting it during the last).  I've also committed some other huge errors, recently discovered, in regards to re-editing in one instance where a huge part of the Author's Notes/Comments got deleted, with just the remainder of it showing when discovered as of late (also for an unknown reason, but possibly for hitting some buttons mistakenly within the interface with such a small screen that which I am using).  Second of all, I re-edited the text sizes in this section to make the paragraphs or & the whole content in this Author's Notes/Comments uniformly presented.  Thank you for reading on.

Reupdated on 12.23.2019:  I simply have added unto the hashtags the following words/phrases/terms:  correlative objective, mimesis and diegesis, mimesis, diegesis.



Reedited on 07.19.2019, 07.18.2019, 07.17.2019 (On clarifications, disambiguation, misspelled/mistyped words, grammatical/semantical errors):  Upon reviewing my notes/comments, I could not help but notice something that I had to revise.  I have edited that something in my Author's Notes/Comments, for some time, yet I had not been able to update and indicate those in the former reedition (I may have forgotten it).  Some of my previous grammatical/semantical errors were corrected/edited; but that had also lent itself to being still erroneous after I had found out about the others/another, consequently.  Those were the scruples which I had, i.e., in noticing/not noticing/ignoring an unedited/missed part, i.e., of a sentence (that was erroneous & that which was consequently omitted.)


The idea behind this practice poem is certainly not an allusion to John Donne's famous line or to his poem, although it sounded like it—in fact, it was sort of in my head before this was done (I do not know about his poetics until later on, after doing this).  But the usage might easily denote such notions or concepts which you might have in mind already (a correlative or a relation/association to this).  The phrase first came to mind while I was in my first few steps of composing something (which I wanted to pull off in the creation process alone & not necessarily done while visualizing my supposed ends).  That might/could be dangerous if it was Magic.  I did not know what had prompted me.  It does not necessarily end up as I supposed to have wanted it to come off (in that it was not my endpoint, to think about it).  My orientation is/was not in that specified way, as for most poetic styles &/or semblances with each poems that are rather perceptual (aside from being already conceptual).  Generally.  It is a moot point to take note of the circularity of such philosophical arguments (e.g., especially at this time) which I could have done with the rest of my haiku adaptations during the last.  I kept on feeling awkward at using haikus in the first place, or for taking on the minimalistic Japanese approaches/styles (& the use of blank spaces), just to go about such particular pieces of "literary work".  I especially connote my written English aside from my own thoughts about the subjects (&/or objects) that comprise the 'denotata'/'designata' at the moment.  Besides, if you might want to really know about my objectives, you may outright realize that these would be my test pieces or guides for mapping out my whole understanding of Language.  I just hope that this note's real message (real intention) comes across and becomes well received in conjuction with the poem's explanation/history/reason/etc. as in the other author's notes/comments that went before this.

A Habitation Of Devils








A Habitation of Devils



My yummy girlfriend

Can teach you better life skills

—institution heads

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 07.18.2018 (Devils/Demons substitution at the the title/poem proper), 07.16.2019 (wrong title for the actual object, or reference, that was at the back of my head at the time of the composition):


I have changed the title to "A Habitation of Devils" because I was referring/alluding to the biblical book of Revelation, wherein that was mentioned in a verse.  I apologize for this mistake/misleading title which was a synonymy to devils (i.e., from A Habitation of Demons to A Habitation of Devils).  Source (cut and pasted from actual URL, https://biblehub.com/kjv/revelation/18.htm):  2And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.


Thank you for reading on/your interest!

Hedonist's Creed

by Jeph Johnson

Hedonism in its rawest form might take on some negative connotations (gluttony, decadence, drunkenness, addiction); but one needn't over-indulge in pleasure to fulfill the hedonist's credo.

In fact, I would say that obtaining just the right amount of pleasurable activities and events in one's life without taking it to an unhappy extreme is the true calling of a successful hedonist.

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Death? Bring it On!

by DaddyO

Here we are with the dark cloud of death once again permeating the lives of many friends around me and I think it's time for me to respond.


Hell, why not take on another unwinnable battle, DaddyO?


Death, and especially unexpected death, serves us as a reminder that we must celebrate the lives of everyone around us...now! Not at a later time when death forces us, but at this very moment!


When I said "I will be the only one who really wants to be at my funeral who won't be there", I was being serious. Sure my lifeless corpse may lay in state, but the life that once brought joy and provocation to a community of kinksters, and the cognizance that what I am doing to make this world a better place will have vanished.


The overwhelming joys along with the devastating pains of life will cease.

The straight line on an EKG tape is a good visual metaphor. No more ups, no more downs. Billy Joel once wrote in the song "Summer Highland Falls" that his life is either "sadness or euphoria." So if the ups and the downs are over, why are those around us sad? I am not calling for euphoria (though there are some of my enemies who undoubtedly will be euphoric at my passing) but at life's end, let us attempt to subdue the sadness and continue onward. If you are reading this, your life has gone on.


The funeral, wake, memorial -whatever ya want to call it- is NOT the ONLY time to celebrate one's existence. If someone is important to us, EVERYDAY is that time.


So yes, a loved one's death always changes what is going on within the story of our life. In everyday life, if we are a good person, there will be just too many good people surrounding us to adequately convey the honor and gratitude due to them while they are alive and with us. After all, we are busy enjoying the very wonderfulness that we would be giving them accolades for, right? Nonetheless, we must strive to do this.


Death is a brutal exclamation point that stops us mid-sentence, punctuates and redirects our future paragraphs, but also sobers us to the realization of the importance of celebrating one's life with them, here and now, while they are still alive and with us.



Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good. In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain). Ethical hedonism is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them. It is also the idea that every person's pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain.


I am a hedonist, but my hedonism extends to to others. Pleasure may be the highest good, but I propose that ethical hedonism must also include the pleasuring of others along with it.


In our life's story, if we strive to make death a simple comma, it furthers our capacity to move forward ourselves in writing our own story.


When the harsh reality of death slaps us in the face it is a reminder that the only sequel is the one we reveal by passing on our loved one's legacy.


The magic of love and life is a true miracle made of indescribable words and phrases. The realness of death is the final page for our loved one. And, like any well bound book, usually two blank pages follow. Use these to create their epitaph and secure their legacy. It may not even be words you use.

Pictures, scribbles and even folds and tears might be apropos. Certainly you've heard the phrase "everyone grieves differently." Just remember when doing so, to uplift the world around you with your tribute.


Sometimes a real evil asshole will leave our midst. We share in the responsibility to celebrate the end to their archetype too, Study them as intently. Do not celebrate their lives but celebrate instead the transition of our present culture to a more enlightened understanding. Celebrate the positive assertion of pleasure the entire world experiences because of their demise.

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