Haqueian Verse


Like eagle,

I would like to take,




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Fight or Flight

My inhibition prevoking fight or flight,

Only sponteneouty and ignorance can resolve my plight.

To weave the advice of others into song,

Impossible my friends, you are terribly wrong.

Only one can understand my state of mind,
and I left him there way back far behind.

If time is now the issue, I will buy what I can,

For my life is now told by a sharp ticking man. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Getting a little personal, but I guess that is the power of the poem.
Help me improve, would love some advice/feedback :) 

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Everybody wants a piece of something
Everyone wants a piece of love
Time will freeze for just a moment
Ill lay my eyes on her, and she’ll be gone


For a lifetime, her stare will linger in me
I feel her presence out there somewhere
Deep beneath the unforgiving sea
Come back to me, and we will flee


Run away from this world of misery
Love is stronger than you or me
it’ll be like we're stars shining in the night
Heroes making for the final fight


When you leave, ill think of the night
You mesmerized me, and set an eternal fight
Between the stars, the world, it’ll all collide
The day has come, so i ‘am gone
I’ll still remember you while i push on


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be welcome :)

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My Gull

He sat there on the rock top,
his feathers ruffled in the wind,
a big gull enjoying life,
strong claws gripping.
A big wave washed in,
washed up and over the rock.
My gull lifted into the air
graceful, unperturbed.
He faced out to sea,
sunning himself between feeds.

Suddenly decisive
he lifted, rose.
With wings spread
he faced into the wind,
set off on another quest
for his favourite fish.
I watched him,
admiring as he dissolved
into the distance.
How wonderful to float
free and unhindered
across rolling waves
and salt spume,
enjoying life to the limit
through calm and fury!

Oh, for wings to fly free!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love watching the gulls at the seaside.

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XXII. Sky January 24, 2007

When I close my eyes,
I’ll be able to see
The sky beyond
My fingertips.

The birds fleeing,
Flying beyond my dream.
Up into the sky.

It is said that
At a given day,
These birds are known
For delivering
Forgotten dreams.
Giving flight to those
Who have lost themselves.

Having been given
Wings of their own,
These souls somehow
Remain spiritually alive.

Encompassed in their souls
Are the dreams that they lost
Along the progression of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired and partially based on the anime: Haibane Renmei (one of my favorites and is in the top 5). If you can't watch it, it'll make you cry and contemplate the meaning of life and everything else that comes with it.

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