XXII. Sky January 24, 2007

When I close my eyes,
I’ll be able to see
The sky beyond
My fingertips.

The birds fleeing,
Flying beyond my dream.
Up into the sky.

It is said that
At a given day,
These birds are known
For delivering
Forgotten dreams.
Giving flight to those
Who have lost themselves.

Having been given
Wings of their own,
These souls somehow
Remain spiritually alive.

Encompassed in their souls
Are the dreams that they lost
Along the progression of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired and partially based on the anime: Haibane Renmei (one of my favorites and is in the top 5). If you can't watch it, it'll make you cry and contemplate the meaning of life and everything else that comes with it.

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