Their friends and family were seated when his bride called to say she was running late.

“However long it takes,” he said,“don’t worry…I will wait.”


Every time they went out for the evening she was often running late

he would stand by patiently and always said, “Don’t worry…I will wait.”


When her walk began to slow down…when she had trouble with her gait….

he would pause a little bit ahead of her saying, “Don’t worry…I will wait.”


When she was sick and in the hospital…he could see she was losing weight…

she would tell him to go home he needs his rest…visiting hours end at eight.


He would lay his head gently against hers and whisper, “There will be no debate,

I‘ll never leave your side…I will sit right here…and wait.”


And when she knew she was near the end…once she recognized her fate…

she took his hand, looked up at him and said, “You know our life’s been great…


now it’s time to say goodbye…time to pass through heaven’s gate…”

“but know this…”

“however long it takes you to get there”…she smiled…

“Don’t worry…I will wait.”



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She died…our friend…it’s been three years now…

and we still wonder why.

Why was she chosen?

Why her?

Why did she have to die?


She died while she was still so young…lifted up to heaven’s shore

while she had so much more to do…so much life to still live for.


She died even though she was a good person,

even though she lived life enthusiastically,

even though she had a loving husband…and a happy family.


She died even though she was kind and tender.

It’s still so hard to comprehend.

She died even though many people loved her,

even though she had a host of friends


She died even though we prayed for her.

We prayed…then we prayed some more.

She died even though we prayed harder for her

than we’ve ever prayed before.


She died leaving many of us feeling alone.

We were devastated…our life marred.

She died leaving many of us feeling lost.

our hearts broken…forever scarred.


She died leaving us wishing we had more time together.

There was so much more we could have shown her.

She died leaving many of us feeling weak…

but stronger having known her.


Yes, she died…our friend…three years ago

and still we wonder why…

Why was she chosen?

Why her?


Why did she have to die?

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She was seven when her family moved away…

She was sad…she didn’t know what to do

as she waved goodbye to all her friends

and the only home she ever knew.


Her parents said they have a nice new house

that she’d make new friends…

still she pined…

For how could she make new friends

when she left her heart behind?



They were married only 20 years

When his wife unexpectedly passed away…

He didn’t have time to say goodbye

To plead with her to stay…


Friends said he was still young

that he’d find another wife as gentle and as kind

but he knew that would be impossible

when he left his heart behind.



A loss of any kind is difficult…

when there is so much that we miss…

If there is anything we must remember…

we must remember this…


For anyone who experiences a loss

we must keep this in mind…

It’s never easy to move ahead

when you’ve left your heart behind.


So we must show them patience and love

For in their own time they will discover

That there is happiness ahead…


That their heart can and will recover.

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We were beginning a mini-adventure…

from inside our car laughter and happiness flowed

until a short distance into our trip

we saw flowers by the side of the road…


A beautiful little bouquet of flowers…

placed by the side of the road with care

placed by the family or a friend of the person 

who, sadly, passed away there.


And our happiness paused for a moment

as tears welled up in our eyes

when we saw those flowers by the side of the road

And we thought…what a sorrowful place to die.


Flowers by the side of the road mean death was unexpected

and remind us no-one is immune…

they give a hint as to the life that was lost there…

taken away from their family…too soon.


Flowers by the side of the road mean people are left to wonder…

to ponder the question….Why?

Why didn’t we get one final chance

to say I love you…to say goodbye.


For that is the tragedy of a death such as this…

one minute you’re here…and then…

there are so many goodbyes and I love yous

that will never be spoken again.


But as sad as this sight was for both of us

out of that tragedy we saw how love flowed…

for someone cared enough for the person who died there


to lay flowers by the side of the road.

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She crawled into her father’s lap…not long after Grandma died,

Still trying to process what had happened…still a little teary-eyed.


They were on the porch in Grandma’s rocker..when they heard a familiar buzz

“Daddy, are there hummingbirds in heaven?” She asked, “I’d like to know because…


that was Grandma’s favorite bird…she loved her hummingbirds so…

are there hummingbirds in heaven, Daddy…I’d really like to know?”


Her father started rocking…gently to and fro…

“Are there hummingbirds in heaven…” he said…”Let me tell you what I know…”


“Your Grandma talked a lot about hummingbirds…from the time I was a little boy

She called them little hearts with wings…little moments of fleeting joy.”


“She said a hummingbird is never afraid of a branch breaking…

because she has confidence in her wings.

She said when they spread their wings and fly and soar

they teach there’s beauty in the tiniest things.”


“She was always saying as she watched them come to the feeder then fly off to the sky

that hummingbirds are here to remind us how fast the time can fly…”


“And now that your grandma’s time with us is over…a little sooner than we planned

I think I can answer your question…I think I finally understand…”


“Are there hummingbirds in heaven you ask? 

Oh yes…you see the angels need someone to guide them…

and now that Grandma has wings of her own


she happily flying beside them.”

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Her room was filled with a mixture of her family and friends…

Each one came to be with her…as her life was coming to an end…


Each person closed their eyes for a moment…once her soul had been set free.

Each person silently thinking…what this woman meant to me…


A scene that plays out every second around the world…when someone loved departs

There was a tear in every eye…but happiness in our hearts.


I was gathered with them…and though no-one spoke I was aware

How even in the silence of that room…their thoughts floated in the air…


She taught me how to laugh… 

She taught me hot how to cry

She taught me how to walk…

She taught me how to fly


She taught me about compassion…

She taught me how to swear…

She taught me about acceptance

She taught me how to share…


And my thoughts joined with the others…

She taught me how to live…

She taught me how to love…

She taught me to forgive…


And I couldn’t help thinking standing there…knowing she was finally gone…

How she may never be here with us again…but what she taught us all lives on.


And how it really does matter how we live our life…

as part of man and womankind…

because the way we live our life each day


is what we leave behind.

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When we first hear the news of another shooting

another list of people dead

we are saddened and our hearts ache

and we immediately bow our heads.


We bow our heads in silence 

for we don’t know what to say.

We bow our heads in reverence. 

We bow our heads to pray.


We pray this killing will stop!

That today will be the last day!

That all sides will put away their differences

and somehow find a way…


to solve this horrendous problem

instead of trying to cover it up!

Because we’ve been bowing our heads so often now


It’s getting harder and harder…to look up.

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Sometimes it is quite soothing…sometimes you are aghast

when you begin to feel the presence of a loved one who has past?


You may be thinking about them or they may come out of the blue…

And you can’t explain it…but you know…they’re standing next to you.


Have they flown in on a breeze?

Perhaps the wind allowed

them to and float across the heavens 

and drift in on a cloud.


Perhaps they rode on a fallen leaf as it meandered down a stream 

or swung from a star, or rode the waves…or slid down a moonbeam…


For, no longer constrained by time and space, their sprits are free to roam…

To seek you out wherever you are…for wherever they find you…is home..


Have they come to share your joy? Have they come to ease your fears?

Have they come to enjoy you laughter?  Have they come to share you tears?


It matters not for you welcome them…as you welcome in the dawn

and it makes you happy knowing you’ll never think of them as gone.



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His was a long and happy life…and though they knew the reason why

his family could not stop their tears…when it came his time to die.


They talk of the life he lived…sharing memories of all his years…

Each memory bringing a smile to their faces…each smile escorted by tears.


Their days became filled with darkness…as in their lives a sad wind blew…

their sadness clinging to everything…dripping…like morning dew…


But time flows on like water and eventually they learn

though the sadness they feel will never end…

their smiles will return


And they take solace knowing how lucky they were

to have felt sad enough to cry…

lucky to have had someone in their life…


who made it so hard to say goodbye.

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