Falling forever falling,
As all about declines.
Sinking slowly sinking,
As all beyond decays.
Dreaming, frantically envisaging,
Countless aspirations now ignored.
Hope existing nonetheless misplaced.
Fading illusions decline.
Exhausted depths despair.
Frayed sensations endured.
Courage can be no more.

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Out of nothing

Flew that car

Not a leaf ruffling

And yet he flew so far

Never saw a face

Didn’t need to see

To know his place

Lies in history

Few saw the act

But fewer saw me

When I heard a crack

Everybody heard my scream

Not for what I saw

But for what I felt

Though not against the law

I felt such guilt

He probably felt nothing

But I felt it all

He left the leaves rustling

As I felt a claw

He clawed for life

And left me pain as he did

Could I have saved his life

I don’t know, for I just hid

Couldn’t look away

But couldn’t be seen

Now day by day

I’ll remember his destiny

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Saw a man get hit by a car and killed wen  was young and his came out...

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Wisp of A Rose

Loved, or not to be loved 
She was adored, 
By those who were 
Captivated by 
Her lively words. 

She swayed and 
Sung about how the 
Caged bird's sing and 
The blues 
of the sky 
they were blury. 

Filling with grey 
Jumbling her thoughts; 
Were led astray, 
All in disarray 
As her memories 
Seemed to fade 

A liftime 
She would never forget 
With no regrets 
The sun sets 
And now she is put to the test 
As she was laid to rest. 

She was a wisp of a rose, 
Pretty in red 
Burning with passion 
Piercing her head with smoke. 
A thorn of a bullet 
that lodged in her head. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about death, and its signs.

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Giving in to an Angel

She stands on stained tile
And stares at the shimmer
She touches it soft
It rejects and condemns her

And she looks at the glass
Crying and desperate
Weeps for redemption
She casts no reflection

She can't understand--
It sees the blood,
But not her hand
All she needs is one last chance
Can't she see her face again?

Will it show her skin so pale,
Her broken soul and body frail?
Can't it show her eyes that leak,
Silent down her sullen cheeks?

It's all she needs for her release
But mirrors never lie or cheat

And she knows that she did this
Fate came and she ran and hid
She shredded the page
And rewrote her script
Now she's the reason
The scale's been tipped

She gave in to an angel,
And the demon won
She offered her life--
Her reflection in blood

Still she looks upon the glass
Ecstatically, and she laughs
She's not here
She broke her path
Cries for redemption
She has no reflection

The mirror shatters
It doesn't matter
She's real, she swears
This isn't fair

So she looks upon the glass
Desperate, meek, without a breath
Laughing mad
She's non-existent
Weeping floods
She wants redemption

The shards cut deep
And she's too weak
She's real she swears--
But she's not there

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