The roots of a family tree run deep for they were planted long ago.

Generation upon generation have watched that sapling grow

into a tree whose myriad of branches now reach into the sky,

into a tree whose strength and beauty is impossible deny.


There is also no denying how the formation of that tree

has has been shaped by many blessings…and much adversity.


There is joy in each new branch…happiness in each new leaf

no matter if they’ve endured for years…or if their time with us was brief.

And there is sorrow in the tree as well for representing every grief…

there is a branch that has been broken…there is a fallen leaf.


If you are a branch that has been broken..or a leaf that has fallen from the tree…

It may be difficult to remain hopeful…it may be difficult to see

how that family tree wouldn’t be the same without the portion you brought to it…

and even though your heart is broken…you will somehow muddle through it…

For you will soon discover…that a new tree is conceived…

growing from the remnants of broken branches…


from the remains of fallen leaves

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Work Family


In the age of time, 

Friends come and go,

But family lives in you forever. 


Some family becomes foes,

Others become distant,

While others become closer and closer. 

Some have demons,

While others have flowers within. (Metaphorically speaking)


With work family, 

We grow as a team,

We have Teamwork, 

We argue, 

We fight, 

But at the end,

We become One. 


Some work family stay quiet,

Others talk and talk,

Some share their stories,

Many express through thoughts,

While others are there for one another. 


We always lose family to many wonders of Life,

But in the end, we gain knowledge from those that leave us. 


Today, we remember & Reflect an LDC Brother. God may have gained an angel; but forever he will be in our hearts. Especially with the Officers at Forest Ranger Pursuit or an Apprentice to Merlin. But in the end, he will always be remembered as Justin. 


Justin, may you enjoy your life beyond Legoland. Until we all meet again. We will miss you!

April 9th, 2017



Author's Notes/Comments: 

On April 1st, I lost a dear co-worker due to suicide. My coworkers and I were heart broken to hear the news. So i decided to write a poem not only dedicated to him, but also to the Family Bond my job has with each other. 


RIP Justin!

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We Don't Have To Say Goodbye

Death came earlier than expected...
we begged...
we pleaded...
we prayed
But death ignored all our requests...
for that often is death’s way.

And just as often we were not ready
we could not justify...
we were confused...
we were sad...
we were angry
and it hurt to say goodbye.

But once we finished grieving
happiness revived
For although we lost a person we love
Our memories survived.

Which means as long as we remember...
that person remains near-by...
and every time we think of them...
we don’t have to say goodbye.


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The flowers weep;

the limp petals

tell the same story

as the grave they lie upon.

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April 11

Inching closer...to a fate worse than Death.
Over and over, can't help myself.
I've given up, don't know what to do.
Over thinking and crying, I wish I could stop.
Why won't you talk to me?
Am I that repulsive?
Is this my fault?
Am I worthless?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Journal Poem For April 11th

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The clouds roll in.


Like the muffled sounds

Heard in the night

Between cement walls

Marred with the words

Of those before him, swallowed

Into the chamber's belly.


He watches from across the pod,

The last morsel of barbequed ribs...finest cut,

A cloud of smoke from a puff of a last cigarette,

And an eerie calmness fills the air,

A stoic reverence shrouds

What he used to be,

Of many days passing time in a 6x9 space,

And for the last time,

They hear a voice they will never hear again,

It will be 'erased'.


The clamorous cell door,

A reminder of their own fate,

And the few gifted pieces

Of clothing speak too loudly

Of what storms rage silently 

In the minds and hearts of men.








Author's Notes/Comments: 



Inspired by Beavis "Quench"


Dedicated to the murdered, later proven innocent who spent their last days on death row.

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When you went away


When you went away

I felt like, I was draining in the river of my eyes, when you went away.

I felt that, I did not have the right to fall in love again, when you went away.

I felt that, god abandon me, when you went away.

I felt like, someone took away that life I once had, and I always want it back, when you went away.


You were in my life like, a beautiful gift.

You were in my life like, the sun in the summer.

You were in my life like, life itself.

Why did god have to take you away from my arms.

Oh how much I loved you.



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Don't cry for me

As he lay their I remember all the times we had together and then all of a sudden it was "Please don't cry when I'm gone." I thought I could stay strong so I hid my tears until finally the sadness sword had cut through my sheild and I could stay strong no longer. I realized that he'd no longer their to make anyone and everyone feel special or show love. He said don't cry but for his family, we disobeyed. Not because we wanted to but because we tried so hard but in the end failed. seventy years gone in an instant and there's nothing a human like me can do about it but mourn and wish I had spent more time and love just to see him alive one last time. As I sit in the pew at the church I reminisce in the good and hate myself for any bad I may have caused to a man that fought for more years than I have lived. My crying was a mixed dring of seeing his body left behind and the rest of my family crying as well with a straw of memories that could last decades. I pray to see you in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, days, just to see or here or feel you. I miss you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P Charles F. Vella

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My ode to Rhod Gilbert




hey Rhod how do you do?

Had to write a poem to you

lisened to you sunday

at heath Hospital sadly

went to visit my dad

in his final days, glad

his suffering now ceased

in a better place definately.


Veteran of the second world war

tho his company never a chore

impacted on everyone he met

day before yesterday heaven sent

so forgiving, understanding too

and would never turn down a brew

selfless till the bitter end

our loss is the gain of heaven

'Stormy' Lovegrove was his name

now not in the ball game



i knew his days were few

when i listened to you

the song you played by James

got my heart strings definately

sometimes, when i look

deep in your eyes, i swear

I can see your soul

very apt don't you know


I thank you for your choice

of music, given me voice

kept me strong in our loss

to circumstance a little gloss

i attach a link about my dad

tho please do not be sad

he has gone to a better place

full of love n gods grace

will be in Mondays echo too

amazing man, that much is true



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