He was the great procrastinator

He had a knack…a way

of putting off until tomorrow

what he should have done today…


His life was filled with ‘not todays’

Many responsibilities he would shun

When he looked at a task, “Not today!” he would say 

and many things he left undone


As he was about to die 

his family sat by his bed to pray

they asked if he was ready 

he smiled… “Not today”.


“There’s still so much I want to see.” he said

“So much I want do.  

tomorrow I’ll be ready instead

perhaps…when the day is new”.


“Not today.” he said with a sigh

“there’re still a few lessons I’d like to instill.”

“Not today.” he repeated …  “and here is why…

they’re still a few promises I’ve yet to fill.”


But death is unsympathetic.

We don’t get to choose the day

“Not today.” he whispered the last time closed his eyes


and silently drifted away.

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