“Why did Grandma have to die?” the young boy asked his Dad

He could see his son was hurting…he could see his son was sad…


“I’m not sure why our bodies give out,” he said… “only that one day they all do

but even though Grandma is gone…she lives inside of you?”


“She’s in the way you smile…in the way you laugh…the way you cry.

She’s in the way you walk and talk…I can see her in your eyes.”


The son smiled…then said, “Dad, tell me this…there’s something I’d like to know…

now that she’s no longer here…where did Grandma go?”


“There are many beliefs and thoughts on that.” Dad said “Some think to heaven some to the stars.

But I believe…I like to think…Grandma hasn’t traveled very far.”


“We begin as part of the Universe…particles floating in time and space

Then a miracle occurs….and we are put upon this place.”


“We are blessed to live…we know not how long…we know not where or when

our time upon this Earth will be over and we’ll join the Universe again.”


“Your grandma was here long enough…not long enough for you and me

but long enough to share herself…to become a memory.”


“And though it’s true…she’s gone from Earth…all those memories she made

will stay with us forever..will never wither…never fade…”


“She has blended back into the Universe to become the wind within the trees

She is the rain, she is the cool breeze…she is the flowers and the trees.”


“She is the sunshine that warms your cheeks, she is the moonlight shining bright

She is the clouds that float gently overhead…she is the stars…she is the night.”


She is the sky, she is the snowflakes, she is the fall leaves upon the ground

she is the moon…she is the day…you will find her all around…”


“No, you needn’t worry about Grandma, Dad said, because every minute of every day


though she may be gone forever… she is never far away…”

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