There is a specific kind of loneliness when you lose someone you love

It is difficult to explain…

For some it’s like a hole in their heart…

For others…a permanent stain.


It’s specific for each person

We have our own joys…our own agonies

housed within our hearts…in specific memories


We spend our years making these memories…from every January to December….

after a person dies we spend the rest of our years

trying to remember….


We easily remember the big moments…momentous laugher…meaningful tears

But we find as our mind searches through its memories

It’s the little things we hold dear.


It’s a smile shared from across a room

It’s walks together in the sand

It’s seeing the sparkle in their eyes

It’s quietly holding hands.


It’s a hug for no reason whatsoever…just to show how much we care

It’s a kiss on the back of the neck…It’s those quiet moments that we shared…


When that specific loneliness enters our life…we have no choice but to face it…

But if we’re lucky for every moment of loneliness

we have a memory to replace it…


And when we stop and think it through…when into our memories we dig…

We wonder at what point in life…all our little things became so big? 


And though we know nothing will ever take away the ache

it is possible for the pain to be appeased

by filling up our specific loneliness


with specific memories…