When we’re lucky enough to find those we love in life

those who’ve helped us on our climb…

we never run out of love for them…


we only run out of time.

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Like a bird you flew into our lives…soared in on wings so strong.

When you spread those wings you protected us.

When you sang…you comforted us with song.


Once you chose to enter our lives…as you glided ‘cross the sky

we learned from you of gracefulness…you taught us how to fly…


You’ve shown us without trying…as over us you’ve flown…

that every creature on this planet has a beauty all its own.


Like a bird you flew into our lives…and as we watched you soar

we realized our lives are better now than they have ever been before.


Perhaps that is one of the beauties of life:

The more we age…the more we grow

we realize our life’s enhanced…by everyone we know…


How everyone is beautiful…

How everyone is free…

How everyone is here for a reason

Everyone…like you…and me…


Like a bird you flew into out lives

and to you we were immediately drawn…

but life is unpredictable

and one day you were gone.


Gone in an instant…a flash…a moment

gone in the blinking of an eye

gone before any of us were ready…

which makes it hard to say goodbye…


But we will be forever glad we knew you

forever glad for your kindness and your smile

forever glad you flew into our lives


at least…for a little while.

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Although the holidays can be a festive time…it can also be a time when we’re reminded of the precarious and fragile nature of life…a time we remember those not celebrating with us this year…a reminder of how our life is changed without them…It’s not that we will stop celebrating…only that our celebrations will never be the same…




A death leaves us forever somber…

surrounded by a cloud….

It’s not that we will never laugh again…


we’ll just never laugh as loud…

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As her hand slipped into his for the last time

his tears began to flow…

for he knew

after a lifetime of holding her hands in his


it was time to let her go. 

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Brim'd Stoned

365 challenge



Ribbed moth,

soft, soft


Boomeranged time

mine, mine


Bitching light,

bite, BITE!


Crushin' scrub,

brim'd stone,


Proned face,

safe, safe.



Author's Notes/Comments: 


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He smiled through his tears as he felt her heart beat a little stronger

knowing his prayer 


had been answered 

and heaven 


would wait a little longer.

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They promised to love each other forever

They vowed their life would be one long honeymoon…

And it was…only they never could have anticipated


forever would come so soon.

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The longer I live this life the more that I have found

how life is but a circle…and how we travel round…


Our circle begins as a thought… a simple wish…a hope…a sigh

a dream…a spark in our mom’s imagination…a twinkle in her eye.


For she begins our circle…our circle of life on Earth

through the beauty of creation…through the wonder of our birth.


This is part of her circle…part of her design

and this is where her circle and our circle intertwine.


Initially she helps to guide us as each new morning dawns

providing comfort, compassion and love…as our circle’s being drawn .


But there comes a time in every life…a time every mom must know

when it’s time to separate the circles…time to let us go.


For part of drawing her circle is knowing once we’re grown…

she has provided us the strength and independence…to draw circles of our own.


This is how it is supposed to be…our circles are meant to intertwine.

It is part of the natural order…part of the grand design.


We are meant to share moments, memories, children, grandchildren…

laughter, joy and tears…

food and fun, and comedy and tragedy through all the coming years.


Until there comes a time when our mom needs us…when her journey slows

when she looks to us for guidance…knowing her circle’s about to close.


And we’re happy now to comfort her…as she finds her way up to the stars.

Happy to guide her journey tenderly…as she once guided ours


Until the day we say goodbye…knowing we’ve been blessed by a life so sweet


feeling at the same time sad but happy…her circle is complete.

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The daughter picked up the tiny artificial Christmas tree her mom kept on the dresser by her bed

and, remembering its story…she gently bowed her head.


There was a time when her mom was young, when she was feeling a little blue

when she was sad, confused and worried…when she didn’t know what to do.”


A dear friend told her when things look bad to think about her Christmas tree.

That by Christmas time her worry would be gone and she’d see things differently.”


By Christmas time her friend said, gone will be your uncertainty, your misgivings and your doubt,

By Christmas time you’ll be wondering what you were ever so worried about.


The next day when she got home…she was surprised and excited to see

on this dresser…her friend had left her…this tiny Christmas tree.


From that day on whenever she was apprehensive…when her troubles flooded out

whenever she was overwhelmed with worry, or with doubt.


she would look at this little Christmas tree…”By Christmas time.” she’d say

and soon, as if by magic, her troubles would fade away.


The daughter had just come from her mom’s funeral, when tree in hand, a thought came to her head…

So she took it home and found a spot on the dresser by her bed.


She knows when she misses her mother…as she will most every day…


By Christmas time she’ll whisper…by Christmas time she’ll say 

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