I received a letter…a formal one…in the mail…out of the blue

apprising me of a relative’s death…one I never knew.


Since I’m a distant relation…to me his information was released

He never married, had no children or siblings and his parents are deceased.


And I remember thinking to myself as I read this letter through…

Is it possible that my heart can ache for a man I never knew?


Yes it is…because I was overcome with a feeling about this man I’d never known

and I felt a wave of sadness thinking…he might have died alone.


I began to wonder what his life was like now that his swan song has been sung.

Was he shy or kind or gentle?  Was he nervous or high-strung?


Did he have a lot of friends? I hope so.  What color were his eyes?

Was he the type of person who could laugh and dance and cry?


Did he like art or music…did he ever scream or shout?

Did he play it safe throughout his life…or take the scenic route?


Did he have someone who believed in him?

Did he own any pets?

When he knew his life was ending…

did he have any regrets?


Did his life have it’s share of joy and laughter

of sorrows sadness and woes?

of course these are some of the many questions whose answers

I will never know.


And it made me think if I had one wish

for this man…and anyone who dies I haven’t known

It would be that their life had been a happy one


and that they did not die alone.

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I Will Die Alone

It is okay. It is mostly how I lived.  This poem made me think of palewingedpoetess. ~S~