being you

Be Yourself!

Be yourself!

Be Yourself,
every day,
and every night!
Don't let others
tell you who you
should be and,
who you shouldn't be!

Be yourself,
and nobody else!
You are you,
and anyone who tells you
that you shouldn't
be like you,
shouldn't be around you!

Those kinds of people
are toxic waste!
They leak poison when
they open their mouths!
Stay away from them,
stay away!

Be yourself,
not for anyone else,
but for you!
Don't change to
make others happy!
Only change if you
want to change!
Only change if YOU need to,
not when others
think you need to!

Be yourself,
just you,
no one else!
You're meant to
be you,
not those other people!

Just be yourself,
nobody else!
Just be yourself,
just be you,
just be alive!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know where this came from. Please let me know what you think!