Yes and No

yes i am
i am ugly
i am average weight
i am strange/weird
i am weak
i am lost for words
i am a childish person
i am traped in endless thought
i am covered in scars
i am hard too love
i am weary
i am self dependant
i am one of a kind

but at least im...
not covering my face in make up
not too skinny i might die
not so stuck up i make others sad
not putting others down to make myself 'stronger'
not splurting out foolish things
not trying to grow up fast
not a air head
not some one who knows no pain
not some one who is loved too much for the wrong reasons
not so bold i scare people
not dependant on others (a mooch)
not the same boring SLUT!!!

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all time favorite postpoems

all time favorite postpoems poem ever

this helped me more then you know :) awesome write!


my only beef is the 2nd line, no one is ugly but the person who calls others ugly

can you hear me now?