Be your self

I wanted to be famous.

But that's impossible to be.

I wanted to be many thing's i can't.

Now im just me.

Wannabe's follow other's.

A wannabe is like my sister that follows my brother.

Do like me.

And don't do what you see.

I'm being normal.

And i'm just being me.

Don't be someone your not.

Be in your own world your own spot.

Don't try to fit in with other guys just cause there cool.

Don't be a wannabe don't be a fool.

Don't try to fit in with girls cause ther popular and hot.

Don't try to be them, don't try to be who your not.

Be who you are.

And don't go that far.

Don't follow other's ways.

Be yourself cause that's a good way.

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Decide who you are and be all

Decide who you are and be all you are. An intense write about ones' thoughts. Very good read.

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thank you

thank you