denial regret

I am me

Do I fear the sadness
And all the regrets
And the things I should have recognized
That I’m not willing to accept?
Maybe I’ll break
An enlightening snap…

I’ll be honest with my self
It won’t happen like that.
See, I reason with myself.
Yet I’m still not who I am
I drown denial with apathy
-imagine reality- Damn

With that, I sing
And I say
I am me
I am free
And I believe it is true
Till I type that last key y

Author's Notes/Comments: 

horrible name, sounds like a terrible poem. I stayed up later than i wanted to, that's not really an excuse.

Before The Night

don't let the night end
with a little doubt
in your mind
could be true or not
but isn't it the same
when you don't ask why
worst if you don't try
at least for once
there they go staring
and asking not directly
to yourself, speaking out
within themselves what they may think
nothing is certain
unless you know by heart before
that everything just come and go
they perish not just in dreams
but also within the day
sometimes before the night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

by Princess Kathleene Gabunales

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