The Painting Merchant Girl

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I knew a girl once

Who cried so hard

And so long

And so often

That the tears

Corrosive and salty


Tiny canyons in her cheeks

Then everyone (Especially HE)

Could see how real her tears were.

Said HE to the merchant

“You cannot take back what you give!”

“Then I shall grow a new one!”

The merchant weeped

“Though –

Like a starfish’s arm

Not quite as big

Not quite as strong

Not quite as trusting.”

HE nodded

Then left with her heart

I knew a girl once

Who, one day, decided to paint

She threw away her previous fiasco

And dipped her brush into thin air

Stroking away at something invisible

And there she sat

Painting something no one could see

Until her masterpiece finished itself

And no thin air was left on her palette

Or in the room

She was smothered.

I knew a painting merchant girl once

Who used to write for me

The most beautiful words

She had the ability to string them together

Like pearls on a necklace

But now…

She’s too busy

Re-growing her heard

Crying a canyon of tears

And trying to breathe.

She writes no more.

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