love seperated by words

i feel so confused right now.

it's like "yes, i do. do you?"

and there's no response.

then there's acting like i'm invisible,

only longing looks exchanged.

maybe it's the other case,

maybe but probably not true

knowing what's there


i would pour my heart,

like i've done so many times

and my heart still needs repairs at the end.

i know that'll never happen,

better person than i am,

but that wonder lingers.

don't listen to what people say,

it's the gut feeling you need to go for.

there's change everyday.

if it's wait, i'll wait.

if there's nothing-say.

because i will go mad if i have to live this way.

you may never read this, only other eyes will

maybe, just asking

since i'm only wondering.

eh, i feel dumb :/

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