Jaded Love

Mutual feelings, now lost

Our time drawing to a near

The end is here, and you have disappeared

Once again, disappointment settles in

Dreams shattered, hope is lost

As before, you capture the last word

You draw it in, and hold your breath;

Keeping it to yourself.

I tap on this window;

And look in on what could be.

You continue to ignore the figure standing there

So familiar this woman seems to be

No longer do we see eye to eye

We are but strangers, passing at dusk

Finger tips briskly touching

The key to the kite does not ignite

Life goes on, and we forget

The troubled waters we traveled

Erased from our memories,

Lay unwanted lovers.

Times best forgotten;

Disturbances cast away—

And so I lay my head to rest

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2003

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