Ballad of the Stars (Incomplete)

'Ballad of the Stars'


A Rhapsody composition by; Matthew Wayne



                                                             In the beginning....




Act I “As the Sun sets.”



I have been lost for so many years,

I have shed and bled so many tears.

I am lost deep within this never ending labyrinth

desperately trying to make any sense out of this.

So here I am, with visions in my hand

trying to figure out a way I could possibly comprehend.


What is a normal life? Is it a loving wife?

Is it a home that I could call my own?

With land kept, and breath taking sunsets.

The cool autumn breeze, just maybe it's all of these things?

What is normal in the eyes of a stranger?”


As the sun sets on this strange day,

a whisper of hope these winds say.

On the dieing breath of a heart in chains

now watch the life fade from these eyes.

'The caged lion who slowly dies'

I had given up hope lost my passion.

While in winter watching the death of the sun,

they can strip you of everything,

take your sight but never your dream.

To die with a smile, is to remember what makes life worth while.


Act II

'May god forgive me for what I have done.'


I am no stranger on the road of sorrow,

crossed that line for the sake of survival.

I have witnessed a hell through my own pale eyes,

I felt the shadow of salvation that was just short of eye sight.

Forgiveness needed for our own stubborn ways, and the ignorance it portrays.

As the echo of the ego's war drums beat, having our humanity running in retreat.

Struggling to save face, from disgrace we quickly lose our grace.

Enable the monsters, the hypocrites to cast you out to sea.

Can you even kill the man in the mirror with your own bare fists?

Cheering victory as you now bleed from the wrists.

Stranded in the road, left for dead till your blood runs cold.


Barbarians that feast on the elegance of the swan,

In this cruel world, It's the survival of the strong.

As the wicked things play from dusk till dawn.

Monsters that rape the beauty from the mother of innocence.

Then wonder why an army of son's take up resistance.”


I feel death creeping towards my back.

Hell hounds caught my scent, ready for the attack

foaming at the mouth to strike a little more fear.

Locked deep in your dungeon, with just a whisper to keep me here.

Where I had made myself a prisoner to my own mind, my own cell

and through this maze you are not hard to find, after all this is my hell.




A tragic tale”




I have traversed madness and even escaped hell,

found love and was ready to set sail

however there is something beautiful to be found in that devil.



Her sorrows could be matched by no other,

in her arms was her dieing lover.

The moon had nestled against the peeks,

by the mountainside she had waited for weeks.

Her warrior did not show, fear told her to go.

She waged a quest in search, tore through the heavens in pursuit.

Hell be damned, she would find her man.


She was beside herself in tears,

under the stars she lived her deepest fears.

The beast was slain, but what cost? What pain?

She looked down into those eyes she had grown to love.

With but a whisper on his dieing breath he shall watch her from above.


There is an eclipse over your heart, those tears that tore her apart.

I hear her whisper to the moon, wishing her prayers to be answered soon.

Lost is hope, with no means to cope.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have decided to share the first two "Acts" that have been finished for some time now, as I am still working on the next ones. "Ballad of the Stars" will be by far my "biggest" piece written, I decided to base this artistic piece off of Shakespeares plays and the like. There is a direction/theme here however I had decided that with this I will go with my traditional style/method of writing which I consider open/loose (where the reader can relate it to something completely different then to what another reader would.)

As always I hope you enjoy the read! Comments and Critizisim is welcomed as well.

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Beautiful misery
Helps bring honest clarity
Join in with the insanity
Enlightening my energy
Forgettable mistakes
Forgettable travesty
The misery
I struggle
No beginning

Beautiful disaster
Enjoying every minute
Without no despair
Bringing more traffic
Inside my brain
Inside my head
Loud scream
Piercing pinches
Burning soul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Beauty and the saying "Your beautiful when you're angry". It's this case; there can be Beauty in the worst thing's.

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Closed Eyes

Adrift on thoughts authored by solemn words,
slumbered winks forgone in midst of dawn.
Shared whispers reminisced behind closed eyes,
inside wakened dreams--love's portrait is drawn.

Views expressed, mimics the utterance of a smile;

surreal as magic --  flow the images through mind.
Hearts convened, one to the others' endless vow,
unwavered voices announce two souls entwined.

To forefront of enlight, sweetness is served,
with each moistened kiss brings a return.
Lost in an embrace to passions longed,
beyond heights of reverie - touches discern.

Behind closed eyes the magic begins-
formed images become a tangible dream.
Perfected by time love grows to endure --
the heart and soul of an everlasting theme.

© C.E. Vance



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another thought in a handful of words.

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Dead Earth


No point of reality
Drowned in ice
Freezed to death
Small but survived

Recreate humanity
Recreate reality
Dead earth under construction
Hell blew over

Frozen to fury
Society standing still
Bodies cold dead
Dying in a life

Recreate society
Recreate fantasy
Dead earth soaked wet
And now life is gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Equally Stranded

Coming Out

Equally stranded in society
Living inside each of our own populations capacity
Living within our own environment
Where homosexuals become discriminated against
In belief that love bears no specific gender
That love is most important to everybody

Gradually coming too terms with it all
After realizing an attraction to the same sex
Gradually coming out of the closet
People accepting you, people rejecting you
From your idealistic person in a relatioship
Now stranded all together in a world
Where acception of an individual is too difficult to accomplish

Stranded into a world where minds are always closed
Where personal will make a judgmental assumption
Rather than knowing the exact truth
Wondered why others wouldn't want to be you?
Make people suffer to see a person assume the perfection
Too rejection and your still stranded inside the same world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding yourself.. more less me finding my Sexuality.

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Dark Is Light


Dark is Light

Run not from the darkness,

Shield not your eyes from light,

                                                              Embrace the darkness as well as the light!

For does, the light not cast a shadow.

Without the dark how can we know light?

Without the light how can we know darkness?

Both are the same; separate yes joined.

Are left & right,

Are male & female,

Are up & down,

Are dark and light!

Without one the other cannot belong;

Without the one, the other can have no meaning;

Without the other can be nothing;

Without the other, everything is incomplete!

As they are but, two phases of the same energy!

Know that in the darkness, there is light!

And in light, there is darkness!

Fear not darkness, Fear not light.

For they work together as day and night;

Nothing changes from dark to light, or light to dark,

Except your perception of the world around you!



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The Creatures in the Well


My hateful thoughts go in the well,

My bad emotions I do sell.

But it draws me back,

And what do the beings in the well lack?


They try to touch me and suck me in,

But this I of course do win!

For the Cultist pulls me away,

By grabbing me gone from the scene.


Now in the house I watch,

Through the window it does match.

And always the snow is there,

But I don't know where...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision I had through meditation.

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Writer's Block

Poetic Boosts

Silence upon me, sunk into my brain
Destroyed my thoughts in mass destruction
Drove me crazy, drive me to complain
Made my head think of absolutely nothing
Ternished creativity: Lost talent

Struggled quietly biting my tongue
Hoping to feel the sudden pain from my teeth
While nothing ever came out from the pen
Think, think, think ran the wheel
Sour tragedy: Uninspired
Writer's block

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writer's Block!.. Us poets think about it, fear it, write about it and Stress about it. So here's my Verision.

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Sorry For Nothing


There's nothing for an apology
There's nothing for any regret
Absolutely nothing to say sorry for
Absolutely nothing provoked all the bullshit

There's nothing more badly than a weak retreat
Go back and rewrite new material
Just to assume the best got the beat
And the weak got the win would be hysterical

Not sorry for nothing to go back in the past
And do it over again until lost fatigue within' little amount of time

Sorry for throwing all the gasoline all over your bodies
Took a torch to all the soon to be corpses
Dancing within' their own seperate fleshy over-cooked tan
Dying inside roasting in there bonfire of flames
And not a shame for thinking sadistic thoughts in such a brain

Took petite potential to come back with a burn
Sorry for nothing that there are only two marshmellows
And someone else took advantage of the prey nearly scorned

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not giving a Care in the World.

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