Equally Stranded

Coming Out

Equally stranded in society
Living inside each of our own populations capacity
Living within our own environment
Where homosexuals become discriminated against
In belief that love bears no specific gender
That love is most important to everybody

Gradually coming too terms with it all
After realizing an attraction to the same sex
Gradually coming out of the closet
People accepting you, people rejecting you
From your idealistic person in a relatioship
Now stranded all together in a world
Where acception of an individual is too difficult to accomplish

Stranded into a world where minds are always closed
Where personal will make a judgmental assumption
Rather than knowing the exact truth
Wondered why others wouldn't want to be you?
Make people suffer to see a person assume the perfection
Too rejection and your still stranded inside the same world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding yourself.. more less me finding my Sexuality.

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