We longed for someone, the right one,
They stood before our eyes like an angel,
Glowing like a burning flame in the dark,
Unsure if they are dreaming, or not.

Growing on the other, consuming their heart in love,
Eyes glistening under the starlight,
Hearts beating together and hands clasped in one another’s,
Hearts swimming with thoughts of eternal love.

One family understands, and the other doesn’t,
One tries to shatter their hearts to oblivion,
The other understands; try to make them happy,
The other, ice demons, trying to destroy love.

Trying to shatter their hearts like mirrors,
Only making their love grow stronger,
Hearts remain intact and whole,
Depressed, they still manage to love deeply.

Tears fall down their cheeks onto clothes,
Hearts and bodies aching for the other to hold them,
Wishing they could spend eternity together,
Hoping they can be together soon.

Their hearts bleeding for each other,
Arms feeling empty without the other in them,
Minds in a constant depression,
Bodies lonely and cold, missing the other.

Pains of everlasting love embedded in hearts,
Joys of love also embedded in heart and soul,
Tears of pain, sorrow, depression, flowing freely,
Aching souls wanting to be together.

Hearts shattering slowly from the ice demons,
Slowly killing us, eternally scaring,
The wounds on the outside healing, pain gone,
But internally open and bleeding forever, until together.

Eyes watering and tears falling once again,
Arms wrapped around each other,
Hearts healed, not bleeding, smiles on their faces,
The two people are together, and this time it’s forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Stuart, my loving boyfriend, i will love you forever and ever angel!

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