You made me hate myself 
Made me think 
that I was
Not good enough
Not perfect enough 
To be your daughter 
I wanted to leave 
But you told me stories,
Made me terrified of the world so I stayed 
However things got worse 
And we both got in a fight 
And you kick me out in the middle of the night 
I felt broken and I was scared 
But I didn't let this destroy me
I found a place 
Where I felt comfortable and safe 
And I'm doing just fine
I still hate myself
But that's alright
Because one day
Your words will mean nothing to me
Just a thing of the past 
And I know that I will be able to say that
I am good enough
I am perfect enough 
And that I love myself

I will love myself, AMEN

My Personal Faves

Dear God

Dear Future
Dear Past

Help me To love Myself
To trust myself

And to allow myself to forgive
my past mistakes

Please help me To see Something good when I look in the mirror
Beyond the surface reflection

Please help me to spend efforts
In time, energy, and heart juice

Doing what I love

Instead of self-destructing

Dear Universe
Make me your child again
Pure and Faithful
Clean, anew
Innocent and Fresh
Worthy Of this experience Called Life
and the Joys and Glories it brings


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