Just me

I won't apologize for Being me I know that I'm a Queen, oftentimes I laugh and 
It's funny to me because I get ridiculed by Men because I wont change my standards, NO never again to not please a man, I wont settle by no means, Never again! I was raised from a different cloth, absolutely and I'm not perfect but no means, but I am Old school and love COURTSHIP, the Appreciation of A Woman tbat matters to me. I remember when men really took you on a date, so ladies I can't get with the new age and being a Sideline, or a Sidepiece, thats MEANINGLESS that is of NO VALUE TO ME. What happened  to Morals and standards I know my WORTH AS A QUEEN PRICELESS ~ If you're Single be Single, if your married and in a relationship value that, however if your not happy, look in the mirror and see things for what they are. My Motto is if I can't get everything I need from one man, I'll  be by myself.


As a Women I Love me, yes trust and believe as a Queen  my Discernment is keen. So I won't apologize for my Happiness and Loving me. 

Some people Love things, however material pieces of matter Dont excite me, the newest IPhone or the latest Handbag y'all can have, that... Trust when I say if I was a millionaire I would still look for the Red clearance sale tag. I know Marketing is part of brand, and having worked in that industry knowing the Wholesale price that is being paid then what they sell it for is beyond disbelief  so I don't get caught up in the foolery.

Even if I didn't know the industry that has never been my forte, really not for me~
I Look for things with meaning a Beautiful Mindset, and intellectual  being, a dynamic Auro or chemistry, that is fascinating it intrigues me. A Simple conversation with meaning.. Trust, and Loyalty, A friendship with no measure, Unconditional Love that is really treasured.
Call me what you please but those things in this Day are rare and should be treasured...
Some say I'm living a fairy tale or a dream, I say no that's what's in my heart and its embedded in me.

Im Just me a Unique being~


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All the Best Poets Sit in the Smoking Section:14



Chely Wright ‘The Love That We Lost’ plays overhead.


IVY, at the counter, paints her nails white with Liquid Paper.


JASON is next to IVY, and reads an article called ‘George W. Bush and the Texas Death Machine’ from Rolling Stone magazine.


PETE is once again in the store shopping.



Chely Wright’s ode to heartbreak ‘The Love That We Lost’ whines over Power Record’s $8,000 sound system.  It’s mid-morning and the lunch rush is still about an hour away.  


That same guy is in here again.



Nothing better to do, I guess.



Do you think we should call Joe?



Ah, I don’t think he’s going to steal. I think he’s just an obsessed music fan.


PETE approaches the counter for assistance.


IVY ducks underneath the counter.



Hey, I read in New Music Express that Morrissey is neither straight nor gay.  How can that be?


JASON points his finger as if to say hold on a second.  


PETE taps his foot on the floor as Jason’s eyes slowly rise from the article.



Now what were you saying?


Uh, Morrissey—?



Bona Drag, Queen, they had the same problem; nobody thought Freddy Mercury was gay either.


JASON looks back to his Rolling Stone magazine.



But dude, you’d be better off with a Smiths album.


PETE shakes his head and walks away. 


IVY springs out from underneath the counter.



Dude, why’d you say ‘bona drag?’  



What was I supposed to say?  Nice suit?

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The Great Golden Smile

All those tiny paper-thin slices of it



Up and down and caving and expanding and coloring and clotting and 0’ing and 1’ing 

Electric-atom spinners

Asphalt spitting it out and up 

again and again and again


Fool (us or tricked)

Proof (of anything or John Nash with an infinite-ink-marker and a heaven of windows)

Pyro (in backyards across America on-a-day or chest-against-chest-heart language)

Maniac (mirrors or common-speak-for-hue undetectable as of current instruments available)

Swallow (bird or gulp-(only nervous though always))


It is pulled out.


picked at,


heated to correct temperature,












It is put in.


And so in (and also is) the circle

King of the Stick Figures

Queen of Immense-Black and Trembling-White

Valorous Posture

Of the both

In the one

Let it slowly close

Pace=sunny day building shadows from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. viewed from the same dusty bench 


Until circle becomes single point

And there is no words

And there are no sounds


And it holds the weight

And All is enveloped in The Great Golden Smile
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Capital City

The bright lights

City dwellers

The busy tube

And market sellers. 

London Eye

Big Ben

Encompassed in 

Their urban den.

Mayfair, Chelsea and

Oxford Street

The hum-drum

Of commuters' feet.  

Tourists flock

To see the sights

At Heathrow

From long-haul flights.

The winding Thames

The towering Shard

Buckingham Palace

And beefeater guards. 

City of London

Is the name

No other place

Can be the same.


the fairest of them all

the fairest of them all

a thousand tiny deaths, breaths,

moments from the sky,

melting into the atmosphere untouched,

you do not linger,

i, an evil queen with my ebony-black hate,

i am watching you, the dewy-eyed disney princess,

ephemeral, pure,

but with a pig heart,

your falling grace and your fragile innocence,

you cannot last the season

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it has been snowing non-stop for about a week now. i'm not fed up of it because it doesn't lay. it just falls then melts to nothing. it's pretty great and it sort of inspired me. i'm not sure what this poem really is, it sounds sort of artificial to me. and i haven't written in more than a year. i'd appreciate feedback, good or bad. thank you.