the fairest of them all

the fairest of them all

a thousand tiny deaths, breaths,

moments from the sky,

melting into the atmosphere untouched,

you do not linger,

i, an evil queen with my ebony-black hate,

i am watching you, the dewy-eyed disney princess,

ephemeral, pure,

but with a pig heart,

your falling grace and your fragile innocence,

you cannot last the season

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it has been snowing non-stop for about a week now. i'm not fed up of it because it doesn't lay. it just falls then melts to nothing. it's pretty great and it sort of inspired me. i'm not sure what this poem really is, it sounds sort of artificial to me. and i haven't written in more than a year. i'd appreciate feedback, good or bad. thank you.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

This made me think of Snow white and the evil queen........

loved the pig heart part though ................that for me made the piece almost creepily pretty ya know........... sincerely, Melissa Lundeen

Leo87's picture

nice job

i really like this.. great work.. i think it has kind of like a hunting feel too it.. but thats me.. its been snowing here too and i wish it would just stop already lol

rabbitfear's picture

thank you! yeah, it has some

thank you! yeah, it has some sort of envious/dark vibes. it's so odd! it's almost april, this time last year it was hot as hell.