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I won't apologize for Being me I know that I'm a Queen, oftentimes I laugh and 
It's funny to me because I get ridiculed by Men because I wont change my standards, NO never again to not please a man, I wont settle by no means, Never again! I was raised from a different cloth, absolutely and I'm not perfect but no means, but I am Old school and love COURTSHIP, the Appreciation of A Woman tbat matters to me. I remember when men really took you on a date, so ladies I can't get with the new age and being a Sideline, or a Sidepiece, thats MEANINGLESS that is of NO VALUE TO ME. What happened  to Morals and standards I know my WORTH AS A QUEEN PRICELESS ~ If you're Single be Single, if your married and in a relationship value that, however if your not happy, look in the mirror and see things for what they are. My Motto is if I can't get everything I need from one man, I'll  be by myself.


As a Women I Love me, yes trust and believe as a Queen  my Discernment is keen. So I won't apologize for my Happiness and Loving me. 

Some people Love things, however material pieces of matter Dont excite me, the newest IPhone or the latest Handbag y'all can have, that... Trust when I say if I was a millionaire I would still look for the Red clearance sale tag. I know Marketing is part of brand, and having worked in that industry knowing the Wholesale price that is being paid then what they sell it for is beyond disbelief  so I don't get caught up in the foolery.

Even if I didn't know the industry that has never been my forte, really not for me~
I Look for things with meaning a Beautiful Mindset, and intellectual  being, a dynamic Auro or chemistry, that is fascinating it intrigues me. A Simple conversation with meaning.. Trust, and Loyalty, A friendship with no measure, Unconditional Love that is really treasured.
Call me what you please but those things in this Day are rare and should be treasured...
Some say I'm living a fairy tale or a dream, I say no that's what's in my heart and its embedded in me.

Im Just me a Unique being~


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Sigh...Those days are gone.

Sigh...Those days are gone. Im no queen i dont need to be to set standards but it gets pretty lonely and whoever isnt doing you is doing someone on the side. Its a crappy world where sex wins its the best short cut to a fleeting forever. What takrs time to build takes tome to pull apart... rise up queen may you find a king worthy of you!  A great reminder..  dont settle for less because how you value yourself is how others value you. Peace and hugs

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am

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No I won't It's what I

No I won't It's what I believe..