Demons Inside


"Demons Inside"    9 - 22 - 01

rip and shed

tear and unbind

the seams of my soul

slowly unwind

falling to pieces

crumbling to ash

the supports of my life

are gone in a flash

alone and scared

this life now unfolds

the future of this soul

is hollow and cold....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ever feel like there were forces inside of you, not always good or bad, just the ones who didn't give a damn??
--revamped the 1st stanza, line 4 from 'they do unwind'

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o, swart winterspreeu!

rou ook oor die swart boomskelet

donker water ... swart son ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Na die brand het die son agter rook geskyn ... oor swart takke

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Pain has many different faces.

One face is physical,

another is close to the heart.

Pain can be a knife in the back

or a heart ripped in two.

There is one thing you can’t live without,

no matter how hard you try

and that is pain.

The pain of life and love.

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'n kommetjie

al breek dit

bly behoue in die gees

en lyf:

die heuglike onthou

van lig wat speel

oor porseleindun blou

en die behaaglike

warm sluk van winter

om hierdie lewe

sinvol te besit

moet jy dit in jou hande




bo-oor die bars

van pyn se splinter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pyn omskep tot skepding ...

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Forgotten Yesterdays

Forgotten yesterdays, serve to frame

The picture of you, that drives me insane

For candlelight sparkles its ember, deep in the night

As I bathe alone tonight, and remember, forgotten yesterdays

I know you are there, my heart and soul calls out for you

Screams inside with a horrific cry, and as I die, I remember…forgotten yesterdays

Words written with compassion, does very little to offer condolence

To a slow painful mourn

No matter how much they fashion, your picture, is tattered and torn

Each night like tonight, another memory is born,

For I remember…forgotten yesterdays

Oh how I wish you peace, may you never feel this feeling

Alone as you too look at the embers, of candle light, at night, this way

And remember…forgotten yesterdays

But somehow I feel you just may, remember too like I do in dismay

This picture of us, and our…forgotten yesterdays

Copyright © 2001 Dennis Hicks

All Rights Reserved By Author

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Why must we continue

with constant innuendo

elude to the dreams

we try to capture

comfort it seems

only comes from a bottle

and then is only temporary

We write and we write

try as we might

rest is stolen by a thief in the night

and we wear the tell tale signs of the robbery

upon our line filled face during the day

some would say, that come what may

they, just want to be happy

Dwelling on the past

of love that doesn’t last

bores a pain throughout the brain

that will try to sustain

the truth of love

even if the truth brings pain

loves lost

such a cost

yet we strive

to be alive

In love, we still choose to deny

live with a lie


was it true?

Gone, gone

like an unsung song

seems it won’t be long

till time deals you an answer

like the steps to a dancer


we pray

that life’s pathway

will lead us…to happy

Copyright ©-2001 Dennis Hicks

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Softly Gray

Tired of better days gone by

waiting on answers that will never come

he disdains the course of his plight

listens in the night

to his hair turn softly gray

There are no arms

open wide for him

there are no charms

able to replenish lost grins

only the night turns into the day

again he listens

to his hair turn softly gray

He may call on his lord

for an answer from above

or silently weep alone

remembering his past true love

the silence deaphening he may pray and pray

only to listen to the sound

of his hair, turn softly gray

There are no smiles left for him

the outcome of this hour has squelched the hope

the verdict comes to him the same each and every day

all that is left for him to do is cope

as he listens once again to the candle dim

as his hair,turns softly...gray

Copyright © 2001 Dennis Hicks

All Rights Reserved by Author

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In Your Silence

This is designed to be a rock song with the verses flowing very fast but the

chorus slowing down to make the point of the song.

I don't know why I like a little mystery in my songs but I like the reader/listener

to paint a picture in their own mind. I guess I'm stuck in the 70's rock scene yet

I'm writing country now.

                    vs 1

                    Here she comes a toast to dame Cover Girl

                    a lust for cameras leaks through her stare.

                    She'll pierce your heart and soul like an arrow

                    she'll mix her magic into a snare.


                    She'll knock on love's door

                    and when she stuns you you're sore

                    her looks are inviting

                    But you've been hurt and the pain

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Disturb me, disturb me all of you,

Is there anything else you can do,

Besides creating chaos and confusion,

Besides disturbing what can you do.

Keep on with your ways, and one day,

You will learn the folly when I am away,

Your face will then be full of tears,

That will roll down from eyes, astray.

The darkness tries to ease my worry,

The silence seeks to shield anxiety,

The pills -- they try to make me sleepy,

But your annoyance: how it jolts me.

You ask the stars above and find,

What a man faces in his daily grind,

You sit up one night and chat with the moon,

Then perhaps you will realise my gloom.

It's for your sake I toil endlessly,

Keeping the quiet night for company,

But even after the midnight hours,

All that you can do is come and annoy me.

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