the motions are fluid

my thoughts, however, are not

and I am afraid that I am getting lines on my face

and if that is the case then it is about time for me to




but how can I?

because I have these lines forming on my face

around my eyes and mouth and on my forehead and I can't even smile anymore

and you know what that means?

It means that I blinked and it was all over

and if this is all true, then it is about time for me to

quiet down

fade away

burn out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is a work in progress!

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I Don't Know Why I'm Crying

I don't know why I'm crying.

Of course, I wanted out.

My heart had long been battered--

So torn and tossed about.

I don't know why I'm crying.

I should be quite relieved,

To know for sure the end has come,

But I was so deceived!

I don't know why I'm crying.

He lost much more than I,

But some fools never know it,

While some fools sit and cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written during divorce.

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jy pluk vir my 'n sagpers blom

wat veerlig tuiskom

in my hand ...

(waarom word die pronkertjie

dan loodswaar

in my hart?)

'n plaat gesiggies dek die grond

in donkerperse

en pastel ...

(waarom is die botsel bont

se swart harte

dan o, so fel?)

ek soek vervaard

die krismisroos

se gretige gebed ...

(my siel weet egter


dat selfbedrog nie red ...)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Die w�reld se blomme kan soms nie help om die Blom van die Hart te laat bloei nie ...

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A Broken Heart

Random Poems

I trusted you,

with everything,

but instead you,

decided to toss it away,

as if I were,

trash from yesterday.

A broken heart,

is what I'm left with,

feelings of being used,

deserted with no life,

no heart, no soul,

to continue my future.

A broken heart,

means being alone,

with no one to trust,

as for you,

I hope you're happy,

with what you've done;

destroyed my life,

has no fun left,

to continue on.

A broken heart,

is all I have left,

with no one,

to hold or caress,

these tears which,

now have trespassed.

So to you,

all I say,

is go away,

from my face,

or you'll have,

no one to love,

from this state.

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I Will Never Trust Guys Again

A heart needs,

Truth, Care, Love,

and most importantly,


A guy who hurts,

innocent girls' souls,

must never trend,

to live again.

I will never trust guys again!

They lie, cheat, & sneak,

underneath their teeth.

Saying precious things,

to get one impressed,

they know how to caress.

I will never trust guys again!

Not all of them are bad,

it's just some are dishonest.

We as women fall to our knees,

without a gleam,

to see their dishonesty.

Please forgive me,

for saying these things.

I have just been mislead,

to a dishonest man.

I only mean for what I say,

I will never trust another guy again.

Unless they prove me wrong,

then I know what to feel again,

and I'm sorry for these words,

I've said once again.

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A Faceless Coward

Oh faceless coward, who attacked our lands

The blood of innocents is on your hands

A holy war you cry out, a jihad you say

I tell you this oh man, this is not God’s way

To cause fear and panic, to kill and to maim

Your hatred unleashed, and murder your aim

A people you thought you could vanquish your plan

You forgot we believe in the brotherhood of man

Listen long and listen hard, you cowardly tribe

To the sound of the brave, whom you cannot bribe

It will call out to the nations, and they shall arise

To fight injustice, intolerance, hatred and bias

This is the land of the free, it will never change

No matter the works of evil you might engage

The blood of the innocent covers your hands

You nameless coward who attacked our land

No life will be lost in vain, think not to come again

We shall not forget the lives lost or its torrid pain

No cowards in this nation here, nor bowing to fear

Your aim to destroy a people, caused us to draw near

Our faith renewed in our God, and one another

Hand to hand, heart to heart, sister and brother

We will feed your hungry and free your captive

For it is the love of our Lord that is the motive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The bloodshed of the innocent must never go unpunished, justice must prevail and the coward brought to his knees...

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Voices, You Can Hear Me

Voices, You Can Hear Me

Voices sate my aura

Echoing whispers of fate

Turmoil against righteousness

Desire burdened truth

Tempest tossed utterances

     Seeking Serenity

Voices sate my aura

Above the din, I whisper echoes

Righteousness suppressed turmoil

Truth subdued desire

Tempest tossed utterances waned

      Supreme Serenity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The fight within oneself between good and evil. Good will win this fight.


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(for Johann)

what about the dreams

of Frykenhuis?

the wicked wind

is left untamed

the invisible garden


    where wishes

    nestle like birds

    where ibises

    echo bygone days

    where lilies

    lure serenity

fades amongst the forgotten

others will now build

the garden wall

will hinge the door

will listen to the ruffle

of Thor

and from the attic

others will watch

the unfolding


of God

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I left my dreams in an incomplete structure ... oh, this sad sad Life on Earth ...

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The way your eyes show surprise:

whenever you look at me,

Perhaps you haven't ever seen,

a calm sea, in your life.

Yes, I am mysterious,

as secretive as the night.

The wolves and the vampires,

are scared of my presence,

The creatures of the underworld,

appear in my absence.

Outwardly I am quiet,

Inwardly a marvel:

Of a strange, strange world,

you haven't explored.

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