Do You Know?

Do you know how it feels to be alone?

To be the only one who knows

The chaos and pain inside?

To be the only frown

In a sea of smiles?

Do you know how much it hurts?

When you don’t seem to notice

Or seem to care?

When you laugh

For something that hurts me

Do you know how much it means?

When you do notice

And seem to care?

When you cry with me

When you see I’m hurt?

Do you know how it is?

When you look at someone

And remember someone else?

When you forget how to smile

For the pain is too great?

Do you know when you love?

When your heart cries for them

But you can’t seem to do anything right?

When you want to heal them

But only hurt instead?

Do you know the feeling

Of longing to forget

But still wanting to remember?

Of not regretting the past

But what it did to the future?

Do you ever want to erase what you did

To not cause the hurt

But still learn the lesson?

I do now

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twiztid_girl_'s picture

This is a great poem.. i realy like it becuase i understand completely what you're talking about. good job.

Vicki D's picture

this describes what you go through nicely... good job love ya always Vicki

running_with_rabbits's picture

I've been reading many of your poems after reading the first one "Untitled II" I was compelled! I wish they had a tracker system like themestream and writtenbyme did. For I do want to track you! If you have the time I'd appreciate an e-mail when you submit something new. I guess by now you've figured it out. I love your poetry and your style! Please feel free to check me out - I dabble with the written word now and then. Keep your talent flowing. Susanne

Much Love


running_with_rabbits's picture

Don't worry, I do know exactly how you feel. good poem. Nikki

Much Love


running_with_rabbits's picture

I'm sorry

Much Love