My life is like a puzzle

one of towering pieces of wood

just like that game 'Jenga"

each piece represents

a small piece of me

with the removal of the piece

I become more fragile

which one will be next

the first to be removed

a piece next to my heart

representing my newphews

and how sick they are

that shook me hard

but I have faith

born of strong stock

they will fight and overcome

then the trip from hell

that was a piece more

part of my legs

that made me walk alittle funny

removal of a part near my stomach

that denotes the surgery of my uncle

once again faith that he recover nicely

struggels inside my family

those pieces cover several parts of me

as the game played out

over the last 30 days

my foundation got rockier

deep inside the rumblings

of an earthquake waiting

tapping me on the shoulder

telling me to get ready

the last piece was about to be removed

and it finally happened

my tower finally collapsed

a small piece of wood

my soul and source of strength was taken

I can no longer look forward

to the day that my 'Chance Man'

will come to live with his mommy again

I have faith that I will find an answer

but for now watch where you step

you never know when a game of jenga

will leave one of the little pieces of wood

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee I see what you mean. My children got this game for Xmas and it has made me now look at it in such a different light. You are a very strong woman indeed and although sometimes life does get tough and seem to hard to handle, keep the faith and all will remain strong and in tact. Thanks for sharing such intimate emotions... I really enjoyed this one! Roz :)

gentle's picture

This is an absolutely wonderfully strong, yet, sensitive piece. I have never heard of the game, but, now, I see a woman of strength , yet, vulnerable at the same time. You will build again, my friend. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, Very clever comparison you used here. When problems upon problems upon problems take pieces of you in a short period of time you really never know which is going to be the piece that causes you to completely fall apart and hit bottom. I'll never look at a Jenga game the same way!